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Flunking financial literacy – it’s a global thing!

Amin Rajan is a clever man and he has written a very good article in the FT that starts The UK Financial Conduct Authority’s recent exposure of the abuses around the 2015 pension freedoms that enable people to cash in their gold-plated … Continue reading

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This market failure’s not about advice but product.

  The FCA paper on structural problems with the pension freedoms that I wrote about yesterday, is the first evidence of Government admitting all in this garden is not rosy. What has happened since 2015 is an increase in people hammering … Continue reading

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Bad language gives pensions a bad name.

Yesterday a financial journalist called about a confusing e-mail she had seen showing changes to a friend’s pension plan The letter was trying to explain how the friend’s fund management would change – to give her freedom and choice in … Continue reading

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Auto-protection from an autodidact (the joy of Johnson).

One of the joys of Michael Johnson’s 40 or so papers on pensions is that you never know what to expect next. Johnson deliberately sets himself apart from the industry to rail at it. He is at his best when … Continue reading

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“Retirees don’t know what to do” – NO SHIT SHERLOCK!

The BBC report… A minority of those aged 55 and over are withdrawing too much from their pension pots, the industry has warned. However, after the first full year since pension freedoms began, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said … Continue reading

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Mark Carney v Barononess Altmann

In the Bank’s corner – Mark Carney In the Saver’s corner – Baroness Altmann Monetary policy is not helping ordinary people and low rates may be doing more harm than good Ordinary savers are being hung out to dry and … Continue reading

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“Just because you’ve built it”..Some home truths about robo-advice.

The problem with Alan and Gina Miller is they are right, and they say the things that the financial services industry don’t want to hear. Before the TTF was a gleam in our eye , they were proving we were … Continue reading

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Secondary annuities- more questions than answers

  I’ve been asked for my views on secondary annuities. I asked myself would I trade my annuity. Of course, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t buy one. I wouldn’t sell my state pension, I wouldn’t sell my rights to my defined … Continue reading

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Secondary annuities – who benefits? RALPH FRANK

Another great guest blog from Ralph- keep them coming Ralph – your reader stats are awesome!(Pension Plowman) The seemingly inexorable march towards the creation of a secondary annuity market passed two significant milestones last week.  HMRC published a consultation covering the … Continue reading

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Pensions need to be sold for the sausage not the sizzle.

A great observation from Steve Groves, CEO of partnership this morning. @henryhtapper @tcfDAN @clivewaller healthy people were buying to early. Lie expectancy increased 10yrs and annuitisation age didn't move… — steve_g@partnership (@Sjg3G) January 12, 2016 By “buying” Steve means “buying … Continue reading

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