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If you don’t understand hate crime – read this.

  This post appeared on my blog last night. It expresses an opinion and my initial reaction was to trash it, as it is not an opinion that I share, indeed it is one I find repulsive. But my reaction … Continue reading

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Sarah Vine and Lady Macbeth

The radio reports a leaked email from Mrs Gove to Mr Gove that has a touch of Lady Macbeth about it. “Beware Johnson, beware Dacre and Murdoch”. The positioning of the career of Michael Gove above the interests of the country, … Continue reading

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#PBUK ; pensions and the public

  I’d walked through parliament square to get the Pension and Benefits show and thought how a few hours before Jeremy Corbyn had delighted the die-hards where I trod. I’d seen him defiant on my way back from work and … Continue reading

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Make yourself your business leader

This morning I published a post by Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage – you can read it here. Kelly published on a terrible day for the Sage share price Leaders lead, when they are up against the ropes they take … Continue reading

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A rallying cry for Britain from Sage’s Stephen Kelly

Carpe Diem The impact of Thursday’s vote moved on swiftly from shock and surprise to confusion this weekend, as it became clear that there are no certainties about what happens next.  But whilst the politicians obsess over inter-party vendettas and … Continue reading

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Meditation XVII – John Donne (PJ Harvey)

Well done PJ Harvey for reading this out at Glastonbury. PERCHANCE he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than … Continue reading

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The Coalition worked- this doesn’t!

A tale of two Governments In 2010, after a shock result, Britain found itself Governed by a ConLib coalition. No one gave it much chance of working but it di, The Clegg/Cameron coalition brought considerable benefit to the country and … Continue reading

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Sorry tales from the riverbank.

I am on the river at last and Lady Lucy is in good shape for her five day Henley escapade. I had thought that escaping to Hurley and the Thames to have put behind me the tension from the referendum, … Continue reading

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A decision that may hurt the EU more.

My prodigal brother Albert (aka Mincer) has been advising his followers on twitter to bet on “leave” – notably over the days leading up to the referendum when we all had concluded “remain” a racing certainty. He was right and the bookies … Continue reading

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All change – UK votes to leave

I write at 6 am, at exactly the point when “vote leave won”. There will be many blogs written trying to make sense of the vote, this will not be one of them. I voted remain and at mid-day yesterday, … Continue reading

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