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This morning I published a post by Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage – you can read it here.

Kelly published on a terrible day for the Sage share price

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Leaders lead, when they are up against the ropes they take the punches and come out fighting (the memory is of Ali).

All over our country people will be waking up this morning with the football on their minds, with the state of Westminster on their minds and with fear about their assets, their income, their family’s security shaken. Some, like my friend Gabriella, fear they and their family may not be able to stay in the UK.

We are all business leaders, we manage our money, we look after our families, we operate within teams at work or perhaps we own our own businesses. Everyone of us has the capacity to show leadership or be part of the problem.

I will not allow myself to be part of this problem. Like Stephen Kelly I want to be part of the solution and I urge you to be part of the solution too. It is too early to know what we should do- even what we can do. But the way we approach the problems that currently seem so huge, is the way we either sink or swim.

What can I do?

Today I will be speaking at PBUK about how we can use technology to make brighter futures for those needing financial advice. I will also be attending NEST’s insight conference where I will learn about what NEST is doing to further auto-enrolment.

My businesses, First Actuarial and Pension PlayPen will continue to advise and help businesses with pension problems.

I can do the business as usual but I can do more, because more needs to be done, I can- I hope – inspire that small group of people who read this blog, to adopt a similar attitude to the challenges we have been set.

I see no point in looking to Westminster (though ironically- that is where I will be today). They must sort themselves out. There are good people in the Commons and the Lords who will rally round and I hope that we will see some form of Government that includes them.

For the moment, we must cultivate our little gardens (and I do work with Sage!). We cannot allow the football, or the weather or Europe or our politicians to get in the way of our “business as usual”.

I know that if I can inspire you , as I have been inspired by Kelly, I have done my bit. Whether you are an MP, or a business leader, or whether you are Marina or Gabriella or Sudha or any one of the fab people I work running your families and facing an uncertain future, take courage!

303 Polish squadron

This Polish Air Squadron fought for our country


Carpe Diem – sieze the day – make it happen!

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