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GAD shows you can’t take “company” out of “company pensions” #TATA

So the mysterious volte face by the Government over the Tata Steel pensions rescue package is a mystery no more. The FT, led by super-snooper Jo Cumbo have unearthed the GAD submission to the DWP consultation on solutions to the … Continue reading

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Would you work with a robot?

  Technology’s all very well till it bites you in the bum. Imagine  Beth, Sally, Fiz and Sean facing up to a robo-panty stitcher in Underworld. If you don’t watch Coronation Street – Underworld’s Weatherfield’s top employer – thoughtNetflix appears to … Continue reading

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So Labour’s given us a choice-what’s wrong with that?

“gone are the days when your party can be any colour you like so long as it’s blue” I am not going to the Labour party conference but I am going to the Conservative conference in Birmingham next week. I … Continue reading

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An algorithm cannot lie

  An algorithm cannot lie; it will tell you what you set it to tell you with the data you fed it. It has no choice, it is entirely deterministic;- and yet algorithms can help you lie. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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What’s the point of disclosure if it never gets seen?

Jo Cumbo has been writing some interesting pieces (  on how what we need to know about our retirement savings can be delivered to us as we want it. We get our shopping or our meals to our door if … Continue reading

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Transsubstantiation – more from Con Keating on DB funding!

Con Keating has produced a remarkable blog on the issues around DB funding –Anthony Hilton’s original piece continues to make waves it has received more comment – this is Con’s response. If you cannot access Dan Mikulskis’ comments via the link, they … Continue reading

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Is Yahoo insured?

  As I listened to the accounts of Yahoo’s 500m users being hacked (purportedly by a foreign government), four questions came to mind Why hasn’t the Yahoo share price fallen more than a couple of percent? Did Verizen, it’s prospective purchaser … Continue reading

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Oblate spheroids and complete balls- guest blog from Con Keating.

Some would call it a storm in a tea-cup, some the great pension debate of our time. This morning I am publishing Anthony Hilton’s tirade against actuarial valuation methods, Dawid Konotey-Ahulu’s refutation and by way of synthesis, this article by … Continue reading

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“MaybeThe Earth isn’t flat-perhaps it’s round” – guest blog from Dawid

This is the second of three blogs published this morning that all focus on the same thing, the funding of our Defined Benefit Schemes. It’s written by Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Founder of Redington and Mallowstreet. Anthony Hilton’s original can be found … Continue reading

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Our mad approach to pension fund deficits – guest post by Anthony Hilton

This post appeared in the Business Section of the Evening Standard and has prompted two responses from Dawid Konotey-Ahulu and Con Keating that are also  published this morning. This is designed to be read first but you can read them … Continue reading

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