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DB Transfers all but triple in a year.

Transfers to other pension schemes10 RKQR 6,810 6,084 5,363 13,221 12,777 34,245 Andy is referring to the Office of National Statistics  update to “Investment by insurance companies, pension funds and trusts (MQ5)” -table 4.3: …  The numbers are confirmed by … Continue reading

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In defence of small pension schemes

I went to bed worrying about this statement and woke up with it still rattling round my brain.  “A lot of employers are fed up with their pensions and want to see the back of them, they want to see … Continue reading

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IFAs and the defined benefit promise

  This article explores the relationship between IFAs and defined” benefit schemes, one that has historically been uneasy. It argues that the polarisation of opinion between IFAs who see pensions as “pots” of wealth, and those who regard them as a … Continue reading

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Dr Geoffrey Tapper – “Balm for both body and soul – and from a politician to boot”

This morning saw the funeral of my father at Salisbury Crematorium. Here is my tribute It isn’t hard to write about my Dad, he was a very public man , talked a lot and was much talked about. He gave … Continue reading

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Something “DC” that John Ralfe and I agree on!

I sometimes think John and I will never agree, I am forever looking at the world half full and he “half empty”, where I see opportunity, he sees danger, where he sees certainty, I see parsimony. But when John posted … Continue reading

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Bill Galvin , stop whingeing to the FT and come down here!

Bill Galvin would be well-advised not to snipe at social media for peddling misconceptions about the University Superannuation Scheme. Dennis Leech, Professor of Economics at Warwick concludes a recent article with the question will this independent group be subject to … Continue reading

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There is no need to increase contributions to USS – Dennis Leech

Dennis Leech is Professor of Economics at Warwick University. He has written several times on the current dispute over the future of the USS, most notably here , where he asks if the USS is really in crisis and here where he … Continue reading

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Still playing with your pension yo-yo? Stabilise with #FABI!

  The pensions ‘yo-yo’ coiled back again in February (2018), with the PPF 7800 Index falling back from its near 4-year record high last month.  In contrast, First Actuarial’s Best estimate (FAB) Index remained stable for the fourth consecutive month. … Continue reading

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Why is it easier to rate a washing machine than a pension?

If I want to buy a new washing machine I know where to start. I go to John Lewis, or I look on Kelco or I buy a Which magazine report. I do not need a washing machine adviser, nor … Continue reading

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Transfer carnage at BSPS – the truth revealed

The full impact of transfers on the British Steel Pension Scheme has been revealed in this perfunctory tweet The British Steel Pension Scheme has paid just over £1.5bn from around 4000 DB transfers to date. Around 3700 transfers still to be processed. … Continue reading

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