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Founder of the Pension PlayPen, Director of First Actuarial, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman

AgeWage needs you!

    I , together with Chris Sier and a group of business minded pension experts am raising money for AgeWage. You can help us achieve our goal of raising £200,000, ideally by April 5th (the financial year end). All … Continue reading

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CDC; the same – just better

The Government has bitten the bullet and – despite the Brexit House of Cards fluttering around it, published its intention to legislate this summer for CDC. CDC is a new type of pension that brings together the best of DB … Continue reading

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Low-paid public sector workers are paying 25% too much for pensions

  I suppose that being in the private sector and mainly involved in DC pension provision, I’ve had a blind spot to public sector pensions. That changed a little over the past two weeks when I started thinking about the … Continue reading

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“Transparency is ALWAYS a good idea but…”

Transparency is not what you see but what you don’t see. It is the absence of anything getting in the way of the true state of affairs. “Transparency can bamboozle people, because it’s too much information,” says @JasonHollands from @TilneyGroup … Continue reading

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Why can’t we talk about money without paying for advice?

  Iona Bain has been travelling around Britain finding out what young people are doing to get help with their finances. She has documented her findings in a great FT article Shunned by traditional advisers, younger investors use apps and … Continue reading

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The benefit of saving is in the spending

Millions are already benefiting from saving into a #WorkplacePension. Make sure you are too — DWP (@DWP) March 9, 2019 This advert is untrue and misleading to the general public. Only a handful of people are benefiting from … Continue reading

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Retire happy and enjoy your pension

  Today I am spending the last day of an extended vacation in Sri Lanka. I have travelled around the island largely onboard the magnificent Viceroy Express. I’ve shovelled coal into the boiler, climbed over 1000 steps to the top … Continue reading

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BMA pushes back against pension cuts

I don’t claim to any expertise about the changes to the NHS pension scheme resulting in the launch of a new arrangement from 2015 into which some doctors were rudely transferred and some gently transitioned. We are told it is … Continue reading

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Beware the reasonable Ralfe

John Ralfe has written an article on the problems highly paid NHS staff are having staying members of the NHS Pension Scheme. He has a number of remedies for the Doctors, most involve Doctors being able to swap pension accrual … Continue reading

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Why are women’s pensions smaller than men’s?

One of the main ways women are penalised in pensions is by net pay schemes. These stop 1.2m low-paid workers (around 800,000 women) claiming tax relief worth around £72m a year. This is an issue easily solved by @HMRCgovuk – … Continue reading

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