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Founder of the Pension PlayPen, Director of First Actuarial, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman

Pensions – Awareness is all!

Welcome to September 15th – Pension Awareness Day. I’m travelling up to Peterborough to join Jonathan Bland, Biggsy and other geeks who have been travelling around the country this past week, bigging up pensions. The Pension Geeks are a well … Continue reading

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The financing of DC

As anticipated (in blogging), yesterday’s article on CDC attracted some vitriol, not just from my friend Con Keating, but from the inter-web of things. The idea that a #cdc plan could smooth outcones by borrowing is a load of #bollocks … Continue reading

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“Introducing Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension schemes in the UK” – CDC roundtables in Brighton and Manchester

This invitation came to me from the PMI (thanks Tim Middleton) and I imagine that many people who live in Brighton of Manchester might like to go to one of these meetings, if so – as they are public and … Continue reading

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“CDC could solve freedoms issue”-Boulding

Scanning the depressing progression of fake news on my linked in timeline, my eye was caught by a very odd post indeed. There’s a lot going on here and I decided to probe the link to what Adrian is saying.  … Continue reading

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Annuities – don’t knock ’em!

Unwelcome news for anyone looking to turn their pension pot into a secure retirement income. Rates are down due to low bond yields but also because there’s less competition in the market, following the #pensionfreedoms. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) … Continue reading

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A proper discussion on how long we live

The Long and Short of Life Expectancy – – @bbcradio4 complete with ⁦@RedActuary⁩ — alan chaplin (@achaplin71) September 11, 2019 This is such a good discussion on how we measure life expectancy that I don’t want to spoil it … Continue reading

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My digital identity crisis!

  Last week the Law Commission confirmed that people did not need to use a wet signature to sign a contract or request information. So long as they could identify themselves electronically, they could ratify decisions , get data – … Continue reading

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5 good reasons we have SJP

As readers of the Times know,  James Coney has been exposing St James’s Place as a high pressure sales outfit that rewards its “advisers” with diamond cufflinks, overseas conventions and a lot of money for bringing client’s money under SJP … Continue reading

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“Low paid” – must not mean “not paid”.

Amidst all the political strife, people keep on saving money into workplace pensions , over 10m of the estimated 23m people saving in the workplace have been auto-enrolled and around 1.75m of us are not getting the Government incentives to … Continue reading

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Amber Dudd – anyone for Coffey?

I cannot work out what the point of Amber Rudd’s resignation is. Rudd knows Johnson well, from what I’ve observed, Johnson is all over her in his slightly predatory way. They are often pictured as Tory pin-ups. Rudd knew exactly … Continue reading

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