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Can “for profit” prosper? It can with a Government Pension Dashboard.

There is a strong tradition in this country of delivering services through “not for profit” organisations. Such organisations have been self-sustainable because of the endowments or trust funds that support their management. The most obvious manifestation of the not for … Continue reading

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What have we to lose from CDC?

This article was first published in Professional Pensions. Machiavelli’s commented that “there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things”. For the DWP … Continue reading

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The Financial Scientologists

  Paul Lewis is absolutely right in attacking the dogmatism that religion creates. People may be spiritual, without imposing their views on others, but when someone’s dogma overtakes their sense of humanity, they become strangely inhuman. This is what accounts … Continue reading

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CMA investment probe shock; the big three breathe again!

It shows the distance between the consumer and the investment consultant that all but a handful of readers will know what this headline refers to. To the general public, the Competition and Markets Authority’s probe into the opaque world of … Continue reading

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Dashboard – heads or tails?

    Britain will get pension dashboards, whether from the Government or from the private sector – heads or tails the public will win. I am in the minority and have been since the DWP took over the dashboard from … Continue reading

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CDC – a sop to the wreckers.

The  publication of the Work and Pensions endorsement of CDC, has led to agitation among the CDC wrecking crew. John Ralfe & Co throw stones on twitter – the wrecking is  largely ignored but we remain concerned to be transparent and helpful to … Continue reading

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We are losing women leaders- will we also lose TPAS?

Going, going, gone – from public policy. At one point in 2015, we had a female pensions minister, MAS was run by a woman, tPR was about to be run by a woman, the FCA,  PLSA and NEST were run … Continue reading

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Business gurus, leave our kids alone

I have now received sufficient criticism for my blog on corporatism in schools to reappraise my blog. Sometimes you write a blog with the right idea but it falls on your readership in the wrong way. This may have been … Continue reading

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CDC – the pension for people who don’t do pensions.

Royal Mail deal could “transform UK pensions landscape” The Government’s Work and Pensions Committee has been gathering evidence on Collective Defined Contribution Schemes since November last year. Today they have published their findings. You can read the summary of their … Continue reading

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Royal Mail deal could “transform UK pensions landscape”

This is the press release that accompanies the publication of the W&P report. In a report published today, Monday 16 July 2018, the Work and Pensions Select Committee calls on Government to move quickly to enable the creation of the … Continue reading

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