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Why are pensions Labour’s sacred cow?

Yesterday the Labour Party published a radical manifesto designed , among other things, to address inequality in British society by redistributing from those who have to those who haven’t. Hardly an area of British life would be untouched by this … Continue reading

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Phoney NIC “giveaways” that penalise the poor

Boris Johnson had better not sell me a reduction in my national insurance contributions as an incentive to the poor. Neither of those figures is correct. £12,000 should have been £12,500 but at a date unknown and in fact £9500 … Continue reading

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Closet tracking; the beginning of the end?

At last. Is the FCA finally getting serious about tackling closet indexing? @thatginamiller @SierChris @henryhtapper @TransparencyTF #Transparency — Robin Powell (@RobinJPowell) November 20, 2019 The FCA’s headline is misleading. The FCA has fined Janus Henderson £1.9m and required it … Continue reading

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So how did our pension taxes do?

Tristan Hawthorne is right to rail against the IFS (and the BBC) for lumping pension contributions into the “taxes” box on our payslip. Here’s the offending statement which appeared on the BBC website The taxes that many of us are … Continue reading

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On our front door – the trial of Manita Khuller.

Manita Khuller represented herself in court yesterday taking on  on FNB International, which she claims is responsible for the loss of a £170,000 pension pot. She is up against lawyers Carey Olsen , originators of the Carey SIPP who are … Continue reading

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Con Keating on “Risk Management and Equitable Interest in CDC schemes”.

  Our starting point must be the award process. Some combination of contribution, target benefits promised are chosen given the trustees’ expectation of long-term investment returns. The benefits awarded may be similar in design to those familiar from DB pensions … Continue reading

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Are “Do it for me” pensions on the way?

When asked explicitly for their preference on what kind of support they would like their provider to have in place, the vast majority, 78%, wanted some sort of help from their provider to make their decisions; just 22% were confident … Continue reading

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Con Keating on “Risk and the Management of Investment Portfolios”

One of the few things that we know about risk is that it means that, over some future period, more things may occur than actually will eventuate. The role of an active asset manager is to seek to determine which … Continue reading

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Our crazy contradictions over pensions

One of the most interesting sections of the DCIF’s “Evolution not revolution” is the contradictory positions we take on post retirement risk. Here’s two of the comments which the report cite as a lack of alignment between their retirement objectives … Continue reading

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“Evolution not revolution” as important for what it omits as what it says.

My view when I started this morning’s blog #Poole #Dorset #NovemberToMember — Pension Plowman (@henryhtapper) November 16, 2019  I finished reading “Evolution not revolution – five years of freedom” sensing something had been missing. That something has just come … Continue reading

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