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How Mill Pensions help small employers to choose their workplace pension.

Here are a few testimonials we’ve been collecting from business advisers using Pension PlayPen. We don’t pretend they are unbiased – these are the people who love us. But what’s not to love about a service that delivers more for … Continue reading

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A tragic tale of a split pension.

    This is the sad story of how someone, intent on running her finances independently of her “ex”, destroyed her personal financial security. It relates to a former member of my family and I am desperately sorry for her, … Continue reading

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An heroic failure? – #Airlander is winning the heart of the nation!

Martha Gwyn or the “flying bum” came a cropper on landing after her 100 minute test flight yesterday My partner and I (who are lovers of pass the pigs) wonder whether this is a snouter or a leaning jowler. Either … Continue reading

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Sagacity – Be a Pension Hero

Sage have chosen and chosen wisely I’m proud to see Pension PlayPen’s logo sitting next to Sage’s. I’m proud of Sage for promoting those employers who pay attention to their pension as Pension Heroes. Be a Pension Hero Whether you … Continue reading

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Plebicide and Suicide – Con Keating on post-Brexit pensions

In the post-Brexit period, I have listened to no fewer than three investment consultants advocating the immediate hedging of interest rate risk in our pension scheme “as the deficit is likely to blossom in the event of further quantitative easing”, … Continue reading

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Brexit- good for people’s pensions. Pensions -worse for Brexit Britain.

Contrary to the received idea, Brexit and its aftershock, the Bank of England’s QE statement , has been good for the pension in people’s pocket. Ok, we don’t have pensions in our pocket- but if we’re simply valuing our pension … Continue reading

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What is this Pension PlayPen?

When people ask me what I do, I tell them -if they’re in the Pension business- that I am a Director of First Actuarial. If they are not, I tell them I founded a company called Pension PlayPen – to … Continue reading

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The Far Away -Georgia O’Keefe’s perspective.

  I’m one of many thousands who’ve visited the Tate Modern to see things through Georgia O’Keefe’s eyes. Although many of her pictures are about minute objects like flowers, there is always something of the far away about them. O’Keefe … Continue reading

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A little bit of anarchy does you good

I’m grateful to my Swedish friend Per Andelius for finding this. Provenance has kindly been provided by readers (see comments). In game theory, the “price of anarchy” describes how individuals acting in their own self-interest within a larger system tend … Continue reading

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It’s good to be Great.

Britain look like beating the medal tally they achieved as a home competitor. In medal terms they will be either second or third most successful competitor on this most elevated of world stages. So why should anyone question a little … Continue reading

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