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What can men do to reduce gender pay inequality?

For a start they can stop “welcoming this discussion” and blathering other related clichés! If men welcomed a serious discussion on gender pay equality, we’d have been having them regularly since equal pay for both gender (for the same job) became … Continue reading

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Independent and inter-dependent!

Two top journos go nose to nose-  the usual suspects winding them up, it has all the ingredients of the weigh-in  …before a 15 rounder! But it’s more complicated. Jo is employed by the FT and protective of its business … Continue reading

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The New State Pension; winners and losers!

Today I am going to be on TV, which is making me nervous-I’m surprised how nervous – I expect it’s the fear of the unknown and it’s about having to make stupid choices (tie/no tie; white or patterned shirt etc). … Continue reading

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The BBC-all at sea-on workplace pensions

As you must be interested in pensions, it’s worth taking a couple of minutes this morning to listen to minutes 8-15 of Radio 4’s World tonight (downloadable as a podcast). It’s a well researched and well produced article with a … Continue reading

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Money Box Live this lunchtime- penalty fees on pensions?

I’m more  excited than ever this morning as later I’ll be cycling up to Broadcasting House to talk on Money Box about the Chancellor’s plans to cap early redemption fees on pensions with Claire Trott and Paul Lewis. It’s going to … Continue reading

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Why financial education can only go so far….

You know when you have a guilty thought and you can’t share it with anyone. And then, quite by chance, someone repeats that thought back at you – and you feel relieved, ashamed and a little bit angry all at … Continue reading

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Time to move on?

This election was brutal. Gregg McClymont knew his fate but Steve Webb’s defeat was a shock to us all – sadly electors don’t wear pension goggles. Just as we were resigning ourselves to BAU,  David Cameron announced Ros Altmann’s appointment … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann to be the over 50s

  News from the Sunday Times via @paullewismoney  reports that Ros Altmann is to be our (eg those over 50) new work tsar. This I take to be good news. Ros Altmann to be named Government's champion for older workers … Continue reading

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Do I need a TV anymore?

    Other than for the prurience of watching Tina’s come uppance on Corrie. I have not engaged with terrestrial TV for some time. Phone and laptop in hand I have found all I needed on the Monaco Grand Prix, … Continue reading

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If it’s worth having- let’s have it now!

News travels fast on the web but the news that it’s taken the BBC 5 years to work out that a lot of the technology they’d blown £100m on is available today for free, clearly travelled slowly. If a technology … Continue reading

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