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How the budget could tweak pensions.

Rishi Sunak’s March 3rd benchmark will be overshadowed by the cost of building back Britain. Will pensioners be treated sympathetically and will those saving for a pension have to pay some of the price? Thanks to  Becky O’Connor, Head of … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is a day of reckoning -DIES IRAE

Wednesday will be a day or reckoning – DIES IRAE, DIES ILLA, that day is a day of wrath. We have paid a high price for less productivity and less enjoyment. If there is such a thing as a lose-lose, … Continue reading

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Could pension freedoms mortgage our future? too?

In her role as global pensions consultant, Jo Cumbo has been looking at early withdrawals from pensions around the world. Having looked closely at Australia, where there is some evidence of increased withdrawals by younger members, the FT looked this … Continue reading

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Are our pension schemes the treasury’s piggy bank?

Yesterday I published a series of tweets from Jo Cumbo on the difficulties the Pensions Regulator would have balancing the interests of members and sponsors with the interests of Rishi Sunak in getting schemes to invest in the nation’s infrastructure. … Continue reading

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Can our pensions build back better? Sunak paints a greener picture.

Ricki Sunak’s first speech on financial services in the House of Commons came on the day we absorbed a Biden and a vaccine win. It was a bad day for viruses but a good day for the markets which bounced … Continue reading

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We had better get used to managing bad news;- (thoughts on 64,500 excess deaths).

The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) has published its Mortality Monitor. Key points: – death rates 18% higher than same week last year – excess deaths this week were lower than the number of COVID-19 deaths – they estimate around 64,500 … Continue reading

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Pubs or jobs?

Pubs This is daft, no one is being asked to patrol in Helmand Province or down the Falls Road, sleep in the mud of the Somme. Maybe it could herald an about-turn of the slump in pub life? Either way, … Continue reading

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