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Derna – a man-made or natural disaster?

For the people of north east Libya and particularly the town of Derna, discussions over whether their devastation was caused by climate change are of little interest, they are burying their dead. But the debate is live and as people … Continue reading

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Something like the sun – could nuclear fusion be our get out of jail card?

  Shakespeare started a poem “my mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun“. For the past 400 years we  have been struggling to find a source of energy that provides us with a little of the sun’s intensity. The Sun … Continue reading

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Pensioner poverty should be as hot a topic as the weather!

    This morning – 25 people are going to wake up and decide whether to go into Central London to attend a meeting on the impact of the cost of living on pensioner poverty. I hope that the majority … Continue reading

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Debate won by Sunak, Mordaunt slips back, Truss improves

The quality and intensity of the leadership debate on Sunday seems to have favored Rishi Sunak, with Liz Truss gaining ground on Penny Mordaunt, while Kemi Badenoch’s advance has  stalled. Despite fervent promotion on social media by Ros Altmann, Tom … Continue reading

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David Farrar leaves the DWP to join Nest.

Anyone who has known David Farrar in his 7 years as senior policy manager for the DWP will wish him well as he joins Nest to work on climate change, responsible investment and other evolving policy areas. His DWP occupational … Continue reading

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TPR demands trustee action on climate change risks.

A new climate change strategy was published on Wednesday by The Pensions Regulator. TPR is calling on scheme trustees to act now to protect savers from climate risk. It has come in for criticism in the FT’s Pension Expert. I don’t … Continue reading

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Too many schemes, too many pots, too little pension!

We need to sort out pensions and we pensions need to sort out the climate. These are the challenges we face and I’m pleased to see Government is on to them! Over the weekend , I tried to put the … Continue reading

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The four green leaves of the clover

It’s my privilege to attend the three-weekly sessions of the Pensions NetWork and I’ve found them a welcome relief over this year of lockdown from the trials of the diurnal round. The 80 minute sessions are positive, informative and intellectually … Continue reading

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Why investors don’t have to choose between their values and their pocket books

This opinion piece challenging the win-win sales pitch of ESG investing has generated a huge amount of comment. https://t.co/bbpTwxMm5J — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October 25, 2020 I am a 58 year old investor whose pension pot is invested mainly in … Continue reading

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What do savers and pensioners say on climate change?

  Three events have dominated my news this week The impact of Coronavirus on people, events and financial markets The ruling against Heathrow’s third runway interventions by the DWP to ensure schemes measure and mange their carbon footprint. The arguments … Continue reading

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