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Welcome to the roaring twenties

There’s a lot of mind-casting going on, us thinking  how things things have changed since 2010. But my mind is casting back further, back to the 1920s, the roaring twenties – where Britain emerged from a terrible four years of … Continue reading

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Extinction , Boredom or Symposium?

Frivolity of fidelity, mindless or mindful – which will it be? I am faced this morning with stark choice. Do I cycle on the north side of the river to join responsible asset owners and Adrienne Lawlor working out how … Continue reading

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TPR moves on climate change

Keeping the world fit for its inhabitants is not something for other people to do, it is our job – all of our jobs. So it is entirely proper for the Pensions Regulator to make the sustainability of our planet’s … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment pension savers could face significant losses due to poor climate risk practice

    A new report by ClientEarth and ShareAction has revealed that millions of pension savers, including those signed up under the government’s auto-enrolment legislation, may face significant future losses due to lack of action from pension providers and their … Continue reading

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A war on climate Trump can’t win!

  If – as anticipated – Donald Trump goes to war on the climate and withdraws the USA from the Paris Accord – he will be the silliest politician since King Lear raged at the storm clouds! Not only will … Continue reading

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Is the Green tide stronger than one man?

  In the past few days the Paris Treaty has been ratified. One man, Donald Trump, has threatened to put the short term interests of his country above the longer term interests of the globe. Neither we nor his citizens … Continue reading

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Putting the world to rights – in a snazzy waistcoat!

    One of the reasons that pension schemes are so boring is that they never seem to do anything. They take your money and then they give you it back, in the intervening years you are none the wiser … Continue reading

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Snow business

On Monday evening the Tapsmobile set it’s wheels in a northerly direction and the following morning rolled into the little Perthshire village of Kinlochrannoch. We left in a balmy 17 degrees of sunshine and arrived in a snowstorm. Such changes in climate … Continue reading

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Should’ve gone to mallowstreet.

Well you should’ve, 18th May 2011. Red letter day for conferences. In one day; The pension minister opens up on equal pensions for women, NEST, AE, short service refunds and adequacy.  James Cameron delivers a keynote address on climate change … Continue reading

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