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Should Government play “fantasy pensions”?

  What should we make of reports in the Daily Telegraph that our Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman, is meeting with pension experts to consider a system where a workplace pension could follow the employee, rather than employees joining new plans … Continue reading

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The Garden of pension delights!

Occasionally I should allow this blog to publish a vision of what pensions should be, rather than what they are – at least to justify it’s title! Here is my garden of pension delights , a place filled with the intoxicating … Continue reading

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Al Rush – Chive – Pension Debate III

If you haven’t read Natalie Holt’s portrait of Al Rush, I suggest you take two minutes out of your day and read it now. Here is the link. The article gets to the heart of the man and his reason … Continue reading

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Moving on – age is no barrier!

Here’s my Mum on a crisp September afternoon in Shaftesbury North Dorset. The window looks in on the room where I was conceived over 57 years ago. Not much changes for my mother! Something that changed earlier this year, was … Continue reading

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“Pentech” needs to lead or the dashboard won’t work

  The dichotomy between old and new skool pensions has rarely been so well displayed as at Wednesday’s Pension Dashboard Summit Enterprise v Start -up Consumer led v business case Big Government v entrepreneurs ABI v open banking Saving v Spending Prospective v … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen lunch – dashboard- for consumers or the industry?

Pension Play Pen lunch – Monday 1st October; 12 for 12.30 Counting House “Is the prototype pension dashboard really for consumers or is it a new business tool for pension providers?” The debate recommences! Come and have your say, speak to those in Fintech … Continue reading

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Pensions dashboard – for the consumer or the industry?

    Yesterday I suggested that the Pensions Dashboard Summit being held in London was likely to be “feisty” – it was. The organisers chose to put the event under Chatham House rules, as if a debate about transparency can … Continue reading

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Discount Rates and DB Pension Scheme Valuation: A history lesson from Con Keating

The question most frequently asked – “what discount rate should be used for valuing the liabilities of pension schemes?” – is problematic. Surprisingly, academics and practitioners have spilled gallons of ink, and exchanged more than a few uncivil words debating … Continue reading

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#pensionsdashboardsummit – it could be feisty!

  I’ll be off on a Boris Bike to Marble Arch in a moment to the Pension Dashboard Summit at the Arum Hotel. From the opening session , which pitches Chris Sier together with L&G supremo Chris Clarke, this looks … Continue reading

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Millennials! stand up for your future.

There weren’t many people at the Pension Management Institute’s event last night But it was an important meeting nonetheless   There is a little group of pension professionals under the age of 40 who could grow. They want to have a … Continue reading

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