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Con Keating on DB discount rates; Weds 03/11 4pm Invite here

  This is not to be missed; register here

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    Jon Spain is one of Britain’s foremost actuarial thinkers. You don’t have to  be an actuary to enjoy this piece – indeed it might help for non-actuaries to peer behind the actuarial covers – as Jon allows you … Continue reading

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Discount Rates and DB Pension Scheme Valuation: A history lesson from Con Keating

The question most frequently asked – “what discount rate should be used for valuing the liabilities of pension schemes?” – is problematic. Surprisingly, academics and practitioners have spilled gallons of ink, and exchanged more than a few uncivil words debating … Continue reading

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Transfer values, discount rates and reality – some insight from Con Keating

The picture above shows Con holding forth at a lunch in Whitechapel, I think he was talking of this very subject. “What oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed” – thanks Con! Prompted by the publicity surrounding DB pension … Continue reading

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“He wouldn’t let it lie” – Con Keating returns to discount rates!

Earlier in the week, the Pension Play Pen had its monthly lunch, missing was Con Keating who was busy explaining to his daughters why they had nothing to fear from the supposed deficit in the USS pension scheme. Con’s voice … Continue reading

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The ABI goes FABI on claims!

    Readers of this blog listening to the ABI’s Huw Evans on Wake up to Money, may have been spluttering into their tea and biscuits! The ABI are faced with a cut in the discount rate used to calculate compensation … Continue reading

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