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Why my new policy is not to rely on pension policy!

A lot of what we have been discussing with regards pensions this year has been “policy dependent”. We need Government to adopt a policy and then legislate for it and we hope that some of the good ideas that the … Continue reading

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Truell claims buy-out “reinsurance” is “superfunds through the back-door”.

I recently reported on the Bank of England and Prudential Regulatory Authority’s concern that Insurers were passing on the management of assets and liabilities via reinsurance using captives in Bermuda and other offshore havens. This strikes the common reader as … Continue reading

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Treasury discusses planning to take on Britain’s enfeebled DB plans

The following article is extraordinary. Until a few weeks ago, the Government’s Pensions Regulator was urging small and underperforming pension schemes to demand employers pump money into them so they can buy risk-free assets in a process known as “de-risking”. … Continue reading

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Benefits will be restored at USS but will common sense?

UCU members in their tens of thousands have voted overwhelmingly to move forward with pension proposals agreed with employers which will pave the way for the restoration of benefits. When we launched our pensions dispute, university vice chancellors doubted us, … Continue reading

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An employer with a small DB scheme gives its evidence to the WPC

Founded 50 years ago, Dixon International Ltd is an award-winning innovator and manufacturer of specialised construction products. It was the first to develop aluminium and elastomeric draught seals for doors & windows in the early sixties. It was the first … Continue reading

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Assessing the wreckage – a “helicopter view” of DB pensions

There have been two parallel stories running this week. The first is the story that the pensions industry wants told , a story about rising standards, impending dashboards and the acknowledgement that the majority reaching retirement in DC schemes need … Continue reading

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Weaknesses in the DB purchasing model exposed

Chris Sier and Ritesh Singhania have published research conducted by Clear Glass that shows  that UK DB pension plans waste billions on underperforming asset managers. The research, published in today’s FT, is concerning. Why are there such weak controls in … Continue reading

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What is private sector pension indemnity insurance (and who’s asking)?

Occasionally I find myself as an intermediary for clever people who’d prefer to discuss matters in a public way while remaining anonymous. These people often send me direct messages on twitter  whats app and  Facebook Messenger and the discussion continues … Continue reading

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Are our pension schemes the treasury’s piggy bank?

Yesterday I published a series of tweets from Jo Cumbo on the difficulties the Pensions Regulator would have balancing the interests of members and sponsors with the interests of Rishi Sunak in getting schemes to invest in the nation’s infrastructure. … Continue reading

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TPR’s funding dilemma increases

  In an article in FTfm this morning , Guillaume Prache, MD of Better Finance (a EU wide organisation representing savers) claims that EU Governments have deliberately chosen to sacrifice the financial security of pension savers in favour of artificial … Continue reading

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