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Confusing evidence. Aon and Aegon’s bogus trade-offs

Aon has produced a survey of  Aegon customers who are approaching the point they could choose pension over pot by buying into CDC, annuitizing or drawing down from their pot.  The survey is interesting not so much for the results … Continue reading

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The pension investment debate – where we have got to?

Pensions are now center-stage in Britain’s economic debate. The assets within our DC and DB pension systems are openly discussed by politicians , the think-tanks and in the press. The immediate future of UK pensions has been opened to debate … Continue reading

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Will the PLSA recognise the pension investment agenda has changed?

For a second time in a row, a PLSA  Conference will take place at a time of national debate about the impact of pension investment on the economy. The last Conference in October coincided with the BOE’s purchase period of … Continue reading

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PMI DC and master trust symposium -a welcome anchor!

I got a surprise but most welcome last minute acceptance to this event, having been on the waiting list. The event was a sell-out with well over 200 delegates, a healthy exhibition and a day long event that kicked off … Continue reading

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DWP bets the house on “adequate” DC pensions. No wonder it’s targeting VFM!

The DWP published a report on Friday that has attracted attention from mainstream and social media. It is the DWP’s first analysis of retirement income in the UK since the analytical report of the 2017 auto-enrolment review and it was … Continue reading

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Fairer pensions? We must address both DB and DC as one.

  I hope that the DWP and its new Minister for Pensions will focus on increasing fairness between those who have a DB and those who have a DC promise when it sets out its new package of DC reforms … Continue reading

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The PPF report a £400bn fall in DB assets in 2022

    The PPF’s estimate suggests that 23% of the asset base of Britain’s £1.8 trillion pound funded DB pensions has evaporated during 2022. This is equivalent to 23% of the assets. What goes down, will come back up but … Continue reading

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No crocodile tears over falling contributions – please!

In a lachrymose display of virtue signalling, the PMI reports that many employees are either reducing contributions to workplace pensions or thinking of doing so. This is neither surprising or regrettable, people need to take pension holidays from time to … Continue reading

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Another way to LDI – how the PPF’s approach has fared in 2022.

While the pensions industry continues to live under the pall of the LDI blow-up, the PPF have confidently explained how they have managed the problems that arose from the spike in gilt yields in September. Speaking to me at a … Continue reading

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Dashboards will test quality of service – and value for members.

Thanks Paul McGlone for reminding the good people of Linked-in that “dashboard denial” is futile. He ends a pithy argument with an admission that while dashboards are coming , we don’t know quite when. Of course, none of that is … Continue reading

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