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An algorithm cannot lie

  An algorithm cannot lie; it will tell you what you set it to tell you with the data you fed it. It has no choice, it is entirely deterministic;- and yet algorithms can help you lie. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Is Yahoo insured?

  As I listened to the accounts of Yahoo’s 500m users being hacked (purportedly by a foreign government), four questions came to mind Why hasn’t the Yahoo share price fallen more than a couple of percent? Did Verizen, it’s prospective purchaser … Continue reading

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My pension fund manager – reassuringly boring.

I’ve worked out what I want from the person who runs my pension fund – I want them to be busy doing nothing. That’s more or less what Martin Dietz is doing running the Legal and General Multi-Asset Fund which … Continue reading

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Retiring using other people’s money

Thanks to Jo Cumbo for putting me on to this excellent debate on “property v pension”. You can listen to it here; http://bbc.in/2cyqQgP The crux of the argument is about borrowing. People do not borrow other people’s money to invest in … Continue reading

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Documenting why you chose your workplace pension

  The best thing about the Pensions Regulator’s Duties Checker is the process. Follow the five steps and you will be able to sign your declaration of compliance and that’s it- auto-enrolment sorted.   Well if only it was that … Continue reading

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Double Bill; dashboard+transparency

  You wait a summer for the pension policy bus and then two come together! This morning’s the Treasury big reveal when they’ll be rolling out plans for the pension dashboard at Aviva’s Digital Garage in “trending Hoxton”. This afternoon’s the world’s … Continue reading

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Lux in tenebris   The roof leaks, the walls are crumbling but the House of Commons is still the seat of British Government. Andy Agethangelou has used the momentum he and his team have built up to set up a Transparency … Continue reading

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How SMEs can manage pension risk

    One of the least  considered rules of auto-enrolment is that it the employer who must choose the workplace pension for its staff. It is not for the Government to make this decision, while it may be in the … Continue reading

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Payroll leads- Pensions follow.

I have been writing for a few years about the value shift from actuarial to operational, in pension consultancy. I also predicted that it would be payroll that would do the heavy lifting on auto-enrolment. I was right on both … Continue reading

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How Mill Pensions help small employers to choose their workplace pension.

Here are a few testimonials we’ve been collecting from business advisers using Pension PlayPen. We don’t pretend they are unbiased – these are the people who love us. But what’s not to love about a service that delivers more for … Continue reading

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