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The role of the insurance market in developing Fintech

Have you thought about the risks of e-commerce? This blog talks to those interested in Fintech and in particular the promotion of the start-ups that drive innovation in financial markets. My digital start-up, Pension PlayPen is in terms of staff, … Continue reading

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The new politics of pensions

  What has leaving the European Union some time in 2019 have to do with four new Ministers at the DWP and as many at the Treasury?   We currently have no shadow pension minister, Angela Rayner who became shadow … Continue reading

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Why every firm must pay attention to their pension

The poet  Yeats , concludes a short poem But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. Small employers rely on large organisations to establish, … Continue reading

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Wake up to the PPF!

  It was good to oversleep and wake up not to the lark (metaphorical here in EC4), but to Alan Rubenstein purring about his Pension Protection Fund. Pension Protection Fund figures published yesterday show the lifeboat scheme has £4.1bn surplus and … Continue reading

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So when will Workie go robo?

Channel 4 did a Dispatches this week on the perils for employers in choosing a pension. I think I am off Dispatches’ Christmas Card list since telling them that annuities weren’t a rip-off at the back of 2013. In any … Continue reading

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Cometh the hour, cometh the woman? What can the PM learn from entrepreneurs? Stephen Kelly blogs

It may be a little controversial but I think it is ok to say this because I am one of the category: white men over 40 have an amazing capacity for getting the country into a bit of a mess, politically speaking. … Continue reading

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Occupational means occupational – (what we can learn from scams)

Scammers beware, we are aware! July is scams awareness month and the Citizens Advice Bureau is leading the charge. The Pensions Regulator is not far behind with its promotional campaign. The scorpion is never far away. It’s very much up … Continue reading

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A rallying cry for Britain from Sage’s Stephen Kelly

Carpe Diem The impact of Thursday’s vote moved on swiftly from shock and surprise to confusion this weekend, as it became clear that there are no certainties about what happens next.  But whilst the politicians obsess over inter-party vendettas and … Continue reading

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The robots are here! But not in the Terminator sense. Think, rather, of Asimov’s creations. Or, for the less nerdy, Rosie from The Jetsons: benevolent machines, doing our hard work but better, faster and more reliably. Across almost all sectors, … Continue reading

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The market-force and where it has a voice.

Context I spent most of yesterday in company with pension providers at the MarketForce conference in London (and most of the evening whooping it up with my chums in payroll!). The Marketforce Conference is clearly a big deal- brilliantly organised … Continue reading

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