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Pension Playpen to relaunch as a Fintech

Pension campaign and networking group The Pension Playpen – founded by pension expert Henry Tapper – is to relaunch in February as a fintech company aimed at the pensions industry. The Playpen will provide networking and comment platforms as well … Continue reading

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AgeWage group hits 10,000 members

Marian Elliott and I had the idea of a linked in group for pension professionals in October 2009. Over the next decade it has grown from a playground where people could meet and do things off their own back to … Continue reading

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The FCA promote a secondary market in workplace pensions

It’s an obscure section of a paper that will probably be read by a relatively few people expert in pensions. If I hadn’t published it this morning it might have been overlooked as it is buried deep in the cost … Continue reading

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Lead generation; little value for a lot of money.

Most internet comparison pages are misleading and should be taken down We have a problem with internet lead generation which has been investigated by Laura Purkess and promoted by Jack Gilbert. Here is the twitter thread (note these are screenshots … Continue reading

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Let’s kick the dogs out of the manger!

A good reason why pension dashboard infrastructure should be open … any payroll provider could then include pension information directly on payslips. I expect that is far more effective than signposting a single government provided dashboard — alan chaplin (@achaplin71) … Continue reading

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The best audience I will have all year – thanks CIPP!

  Take a look at the audience above and you will see what I saw when I arrived to speak- not a single empty chair , everyone paying attention and a great gender mix. The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals … Continue reading

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We Need Breakthrough Business Models, not Breakthrough Technology

I found this article on Linked In. You can find the original here. It makes a lot of sense – not just of why we get bubbles, but how- succesful businesses can be created out of the vacuum when a … Continue reading

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How do Customers benchmark what’s good about their DC pension?

For employer’s it’s all been about inter-operability I’m returning to a question that has bothered me since the inception of auto-enrolment over six years ago. To begin with, it was a question for employers and could largely be answered in … Continue reading

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Payroll are tomorrow’s Pension Experts!

I spoke at the CIPP Conference at the National Exhibition Centre at what payroll can do to help staff understand pensions and in particular – the pension freedoms. Here are my slides I think there are three things that hold … Continue reading

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Managing and enjoying our linked in groups

Linked in groups have for over a decade provided ordinary people to do extraordinary things. For me, Pension Play Pen has allowed me to speak to a small circle of friends that has grown to nearly 10,000 people by word … Continue reading

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