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Do dividends pay our pensions?

Remember stakeholder economics? It’s been a long time since Will Hutton introduced us to the idea of a stakeholder. Back in the last century, the Blairite vision was for a society where the needs of a shareholder were balanced with … Continue reading

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Is Direct Investment the way forward for pension savers?

  It’s a third of a century since Sid spread the word about the bargain of buying British Gas shares.  The dream of a shareholding democracy flickered, spluttered and was finally snuffed out by funds. Nowadays – direct investment in … Continue reading

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Proper Pensions first! Say “No” to Inclusive Ownership Funds.

Talk this morning of compulsion on private sector employers to give shares to staff. It’s not a new idea and many companies do this already. I’m with Justin Urquhart-Stewart who told listeners to Wake Up To Money that (future) Governments … Continue reading

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