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The politics behind extending auto-enrolment

Yesterday the TUC conference discussed widening the scope of auto-enrolment to include the self-employed, the youngest workers and those on low incomes within the financial net of auto-enrolment. Yesterday UBER finally admitted that it controlled its workers to a degree … Continue reading

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Is now the union’s time?

Yesterday was the  first of the TUC’s pension conference and in a single session, the conference debated “investing in a just transition to a low carbon economy”. Guy Opperman spoke and was well received by Chair Paul Novak and by … Continue reading

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Unions are unlocking the door to proper pensions

Today I’ll be a delegate and tonight I’ll be chairing a meeting at the TUC conference.  It’s actually a fringe meeting which means anyone can come along – you don’t have to be a delegate. Below are the details if you … Continue reading

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A tale of two cities – ABI and #TUCpensions

  It was a straight choice. Pay £500 + VAT and hear the Treasury talk about financial services in Bishopsgate or Pay £0 + VAT and hear the DWP talk about pensions. It wasn’t a hard one. Guy Opperman , … Continue reading

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Trojans – don’t trust that horse!

The TUC on Carillion Pensions. With the failure of Carillion, another corporate collapse leaves thousands of workers with uncertain futures and many may face reduced pensions.   There are questions to be asked about the state of Carillion’s myriad pension … Continue reading

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Con Keating’s vision for CDC

Recently the TUC published a study, commissioned from and executed by the Pensions Policy Institute, of the variability of DC outcomes. They consider the fund performance and (annuitized) pension income for individuals retiring in each of the years 2000 – … Continue reading

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“A decision to take a transfer cannot be reversed and should not be rushed”

This blog is mainly written for deferred members of the British Steel Pension Scheme, but many other people may find it interesting. There’s no doubt that what is going on in Tata-land, will go on with other employers who feel … Continue reading

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Is there a”pensions opposition”? Thoughts on #TUCpensions

I wasn’t at the TUC Conference, having a Conservative membership has closed a few doors and I didn’t want to make some awkward by insisting. My colleague Hilary Salt spoke and the event was capably relayed by Josephine Cumbo and others. … Continue reading

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Protecting the member’s promise (Tim Sharp of TUC speaks up)

Tim sits with us on the Transparency Task Force; he’s a force for good as the TUC’s person in the pension hot seat. These are strong words from a quiet man; the member needs an advocate and Tim and the … Continue reading

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Is there a future for defined benefit pensions?

The TUC has published a working paper written by my colleague Hilary Salt entitled “the future of defined benefit pensions provision” which is a very good read. You can reach it here. The wags among you may consider that you could … Continue reading

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