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With value for money – figures speak louder than words.

The pen may be mightier than the sword but the spreadsheet trumps both. Last week, JLT published some projections which showed that if the performance differential between lousy and top pension providers continued – you’d be able to buy a … Continue reading

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Why employers must understand the value for money of their workplace pension

  Among the remedies leading from the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study was a clear recommendation …that both industry and investor representatives agree a standardised template of costs and charges and we propose to ask an independent person to convene … Continue reading

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Equal rights to govern pensions

Here’s Theresa May talking at PMQ of the triple lock in the past tense. It wasn’t just a female prime minister in that photo, four out of five ministers on the front bench were female. Parliament is making the transition … Continue reading

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Cost disclosure now! No more workplace pension NDAs!

Following Julius Pursaill’s excellent piece on value for money yesterday, I’m following up with some practical thoughts. The blog yesterday triggered a meeting with an IGC chair who probed me on the vfm scoring system that has been troubling me … Continue reading

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Over-consulting ; not a victimless crime!

I was “distressed” to read of a new way of extracting fees from the sponsors of DC pensions, the value for money review/assessment. http://tinyurl.com/ju4ppnp Ok – I wasn’t distressed – I was cross! Value for Money is not as complicated … Continue reading

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Half a million savers let down by those they trust!

I am (once again) grateful to Jo Cumbo of the FT for her excellent reporting. Here is her summary of the latest state of the nation report on the progress of IGCs and Trustee Chairs overseeing our workplace pensions. You … Continue reading

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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth- (guest blog- Matthew Masters)

68% of us think that we’re better than average drivers, which means that at least 18% of us are mistaken.  And does it come as a surprise that of that 68%, 61 out of every 100 are male?  While I … Continue reading

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Is you trustee/IGC getting you value for money? (guest blog from Ralph Frank)

  The concept of ‘value’ has been exercising Trustee Boards (“TBs”) and Independent Governance Committees (“IGCs”) for some time.  TBs are required to evaluate “the extent to which the charges and transaction costs represent good value for members”.  Similarly, IGCs … Continue reading

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When is a fiduciary independent?

It’s a question asked by Karen Wake on twitter @JosephineCumbo @henryhtapper @DominicLindley @greggmcclymont So … what is "independent"? We might be chasing a tornado here — Karen Wake (@pensionmonkey) October 29, 2015 I’m not into chasing tornadoes so I’ll try … Continue reading

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When can you call a trustee “independent”?

It is quite easy to be an independent trustee. You need no qualifications, you need no expertise , the capabilities you need are negative. you must not be a member of the scheme you cannot be connected with the sponsor you … Continue reading

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