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What to do with workplace GPPs?

Workplace GPPs are a bit of an embarassment aren’t they? A long time ago, before auto-enrolment was thought about, the Government decided to create the stakeholder pension which every employer with more than five staff would have to offer as … Continue reading

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Don’t let Workplace GPPs get left behind

There is a very real chance that millions of personal pensions set up to comply with auto-enrolment will become unloved deferred small pots as their employers switch to participating in master trusts and GPP providers start to consider the GPP … Continue reading

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Receiving value for your money – the DWP gets it 95% right.

Insight one “money” is not – “costs and charges ” but “contributions” There came a  moment , as I was reading the DWP’s Value for Money Consultation that you realised that something has changed. For me that moment wasn’t this … Continue reading

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The death of the employer pension trust

  Geof Pearson told the NAPF conference in 1998 “I have looked over the cliff and seen DC” 22 years later DB trustees can argue that they still have the weight of past money but they are dependent on employers, … Continue reading

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The FCA’s new approach to Pension Value for Money

The Backstory Back in 2014, with the excoriating OFT report fresh to mind, the FCA made a deal with the insurers not to refer the insurers to the Competition and Markets Authority in return for those insurers operating workplace pensions … Continue reading

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Are employers able to “know their workplace pension”?

Are employers the provider’s clients? In financial services, the client is the entity that takes the decisions on where the money goes. Whether we define “money” as “pension contributions” or “fees paid”, the employer is seen as the client. It … Continue reading

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Fidelity’s IGC-the bland leading the blind

The general reader is introduced to the 2019 IGC report with a statement from Fidelity An IGC is an Independent Governance Committee whose purpose is to represent the interests of policyholders (including active and deferred members) in the company’s relevant … Continue reading

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Has Tata the courage of its conviction? (the workplace pension that dare not speak its name)

  It I’ve been in correspondence with a steelworker who wrote me this Over the past few months when my work colleagues at TATA have been talking about transferring out I suggested the TATA Aviva Plan to them as it … Continue reading

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TATA GPP – an investable option for BSPS members with a CETV.

I’ve received the following note from Aviva with regards the TATA group personal pension which has replaced BSPS as the corporately sponsored pension arrangement going forward. Thanks for your note below re the query you have received from a BSPS … Continue reading

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Is contract-based versus trust-based really the question? Guest Blog from Ralph Frank

Automatic Enrolment (“AE”) has resulted in an increase in Defined Contribution (“DC”) pension saving through Master Trusts (“MTs”).  This trust-based approach has overtaken contract-based arrangements, such as Group Personal Pensions, as the most popular form of DC saving.  A key … Continue reading

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