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Annuities – don’t knock ’em!

Unwelcome news for anyone looking to turn their pension pot into a secure retirement income. Rates are down due to low bond yields but also because there’s less competition in the market, following the #pensionfreedoms. https://t.co/NWAqReWjMi — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) … Continue reading

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Mr Field – you want a common measure for value for money? I’ve got one!

In the Work and Pension Select Committee’s report on pension transparency, one demand has caught the imagination of the pension community You can read Kim Kaveh’s excellent article here. Professional Pensions ran the question on its Pension Buzz survey and … Continue reading

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The impact of NDAs on pension outcomes

NDAs (non disclosure agreements), have been much in the news in the past week. The government says it will crack down on the use of workplace “gagging clauses” to cover up allegations of harassment, discrimination and assault. Many businesses use … Continue reading

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Angela Eagle’s stunning Bill on pension costs and charges

Angela Eagle presented a bill to the House of Commons at 1.30 yesterday (Wednesday May 8th). It is a fine bill and I wish it success. It may not succeed under the current Government and may be no more than … Continue reading

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Can pension ratings be “too simple”?

  To my mind , the only meaningful way that someone using a workplace or personal pension can test for value for money is by comparing the money they put in with the value they get out. This is known … Continue reading

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From zero to hero – the Hargreaves Lansdown IGC report

Hargreaves Lansdown’s (HL) 2015 -16 IGC report was embarrassingly bad. I got cross that a successful funds platform didn’t put its back into independent governance. Hargreaves’ Vantage product (now HL Workplace Pension)  was at the time being widely promoted as … Continue reading

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Fidelity’s IGC-the bland leading the blind

The general reader is introduced to the 2019 IGC report with a statement from Fidelity An IGC is an Independent Governance Committee whose purpose is to represent the interests of policyholders (including active and deferred members) in the company’s relevant … Continue reading

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Zurich’s IGC – keeping Zurich honest.

Zurich ‘s IGC Chair’s statement is out ; it’s punchy. It’s chair, Anna Bradley has a much wider sphere of influence than just pensions and it shows. This is from her opening remarks …you have told us that service standards … Continue reading

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Better pensions for the People!

The People’s pension has decided to distribute its profits to its people- its members. This is what you should do if you do not have shareholders. It is to be applauded! Without shareholders, 100% of the People’s Pension’s profits could … Continue reading

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What happens to the money I pay into pensions?

AgeWage have been asking this question to people where WeWork. If you don’t know about WeWork, it’s the largest of a number of co-working spaces that you can find in London, around Britain and all over the world and some … Continue reading

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