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The Sun rescues readers from Benpal bedlam!

    We have JLT – Professional Pension’s “Administrator of the Year 2017” to thank for this headline. I can now reveal that the nonsense that inspired the Sun to question what was going on with the default investment fund … Continue reading

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Should Scottish Widows IGC do its PR?

  Reading the Scottish Widows IGC report, I felt a little uncomfortable; it wasn’t until I read Professional Pensions that I understood why. Professional Pensions is properly reporting the party line , the IGC… “is encouraged by the provider’s “progress” … Continue reading

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What’s the point of disclosure if it never gets seen?

Jo Cumbo has been writing some interesting pieces ( https://www.ft.com/content/787ad06e-7e7b-11e6-bc52-0c7211ef3198)  on how what we need to know about our retirement savings can be delivered to us as we want it. We get our shopping or our meals to our door if … Continue reading

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Pensions Awareness Day #PAD2016

  Yesterday was Pensions Awareness Day. The Pension Plowman apologises to the Pensions Geeks for not shouting about it on this blog yesterday but those at Friends of Auto Enrolment yesterday afternoon wore the badges, those at the Payroll World … Continue reading

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Wanted for listing – IGC/GAA Chair reports

Pension Plowman’s Directory At this week’s Stewardship meeting of the transparency task force, someone asked if there was a Directory of the IGC’s that have been published so far. There wasn’t until then, but I sent round the links of … Continue reading

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Scottish Widows IGC – papering over the cracks

Scottish Widows IGC Chairman’s report is out and if you are a member of a Scottish Widows workplace pension you shouldn’t feel comforted by the words of its Chair Babloo Ramamurthy Although the IGC has carefully scrutinised the various elements of … Continue reading

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Creative Pension Trust – we asked – we got!

Last week I asked whether anything was going on at Creative Pension Trust, following a rumour of a split with Scottish Widows. Well I asked and I got.. I got a joint statement from both parties (and a phone call … Continue reading

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State Street and People’s – a lack of “emissional” intelligence?

I am not very happy that People’s Pension has chosen State Street to manage the money under its master trust. In early 2014, State Street were found guilty of over-charging a variety of pension funds and were fined by the … Continue reading

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Don’t underestimate SME’s hunger for investment know-how!

I am  frustrated by the capitulation of many in the pension industry to the challenge faced by inducting 1.2m new employers into our funded pension culture. The Pension Apartheid practiced by the investment elite At a recent event, Joanne Segers, CEO … Continue reading

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Time for the insurers to pipe down and get on with it!

  I like Jamie Jenkins of Standard Life, he’s a canny operator who shapes arguments to suit Standard Life very agreeably. His style is laconic, his humour dry and his observations are succinct and to the point. So I enjoyed … Continue reading

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