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Scottish Widows service meltdown

Jessica Beard at The Daily Mail’s “This is Money” website has uncovered a deplorable breakdown in claims management at Scottish Widows. Families waiting months for money they are entitled to after a loved one’s death  Many have faced hour-long call … Continue reading

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Can these insurers become useful to pension savers again?

    Time was when people regarded a pension as an insurance against getting old, right now insurers compete with master trusts and SIPPs for the nation’s retirement saving and the staple features that made them indispensable seem increasingly irrelevant. … Continue reading

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The Mail exploits pension saver’s ignorance – who’s fault is that?

There is a lot wrong with this article, but one thing that is right is that performance matters and matters to the people who are using workplace pensions. If it didn’t matter, the Mail would not publish articles like this, … Continue reading

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Assessment of 2021 IGC reports – a boring read but an important one!

Despite the efforts of the FCA to make IGC reporting more relevant to ordinary savers, I found this crop of IGC reports were bland and unambitious in their reporting of VFM. No IGC suggested that  value for money was not … Continue reading

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The Scottish Widows IGC looks beyond the swirling cape

    Style, tone and content. Scottish Widows has great if somewhat laddish marketing , thankfully it has an IGC that is interested in what it is delivering to its policyholders/members.  This IGC report continues an improvement evident over recent … Continue reading

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Are you getting pension consultation fatigue?

It looks like plenty of us are As well as being year 2 of the pandemic, 2021 continues to be the year of the pensions consultation #ConsultationFatigue https://t.co/ZKN0luwqLo — Tess Page (@Tess_invests) September 16, 2021 While #ConsultationFatigue isn’t trending, conversations … Continue reading

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The 2021 IGC reports – links, reviews and ratings

I’ve completed my review of the 2020 IGCs and GAAs – 15 reviews of the reports I know of. It you run an IGC or GAA that I’ve missed, please send me your report. I doubt many IGCs have met … Continue reading

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Evidence of how the DC workplace market is changing (in the right direction)

My post yesterday pointed to the mixed messages I was picking up from regulators. government and trustees with regards the investment in illiquids. Today I am a lot less confused thanks to contributions from tPR (David Fairs’ blog can be … Continue reading

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Multi-jobbers Mini-pensions

Scottish Widows are calling for the  £10,000 earnings threshold before someone’s automatically  placed in a workplace pension should be scrapped. If you’re job pays less than £10k pa, you have to opt-in to a workplace pension and multi-jobbers miss out … Continue reading

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Choosing to challenge male solutions to retirement planning

  Many women are brilliant with money, most household budgets are managed by women and women are better risk-takers, rarely exposing themselves to the kind of catastrophic breakdowns in personal finance that are such a curse on us men. These … Continue reading

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