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ReAssure’s IGC report – proves there can be value at the bottom of the barrel.

This article focusses on the IGC Chair’s report for ReAssure, published in September for the year to the end of 2021. As its Chair, David Hare makes clear, it doesn’t include the member experience for 2022, that will follow – … Continue reading

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Should the new Pension and Growth minister grow auto-enrolment?

There is growth and there is growth – it looks like growing pensions through auto-enrolment is the wrong kind of growth. Pensions have not been immune from the current political and market turbulence. Indeed they have been branded both victim … Continue reading

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Disrupted work

The last two years has seen significant shifts in the way we work and we all know why, Sars 2 was the culprit and though we are close to leaving the state of pandemic, the disruption of home-working is here … Continue reading

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Why pension tax-relief has remained a rich man’s perk

Back in 2015, when reform of the pension tax relief system was under a consultation “Strengthening the incentive to save: consultation on pensions tax relief – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)” the Government requested Ipsos Mori to research how much the general population … Continue reading

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The OECD’s 10 Commandments for DC pensions

The OECD has produced a well thought out Recommendation for the design of defined contribution pension plans. Published on 23rd February, it has received little comment (presumably as it has not been subject to a press release). However, it is … Continue reading

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What we need are “after-workplace pensions”.

The concept of the “employer covenant” is different for member and trustee The concept of collectivism in pensions is restricted to the workplace. The key instruments of collective pensions are payroll that collects contributions, the corporate treasury team that provides … Continue reading

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Do you want to pay school fees for your pension?

  In this article, I challenge the pension industry to consider its promise to those saving for retirement – implicit in the phrase of “a pension plan“. My challenge is “where is the planned pension?” In an interesting article on … Continue reading

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Workplace Pensions with a Purpose

I’ve been watching s “Pension with a Purpose” networking group develop. You can read about it here. The supply chain leads from asset managers to large pension funds but doesn’t quite reach the member – this is a member’s club … Continue reading

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Weaknesses in the DB purchasing model exposed

Chris Sier and Ritesh Singhania have published research conducted by Clear Glass that shows  that UK DB pension plans waste billions on underperforming asset managers. The research, published in today’s FT, is concerning. Why are there such weak controls in … Continue reading

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Pension Lifestyling – the evidence

  We at AgeWage aren’t concerning ourselves with theory, we busy ourselves with experience, studying the evidence of “what actually happened”. In this study, we look at what actually happened to people’s savings as they approached retirement and we’re focusing … Continue reading

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