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The world is moving away from guaranteed pensions – so must we!

I spent yesterday morning with the OECD and some colleagues discussing the shift in pensions from a paradigm where employers stand behind promises with guarantees to the world we now live in , where our pension is of our making. … Continue reading

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A pension doesn’t have to be guaranteed – say the OECD – here’s how!

This blog looks at the various options available to the British pension system as alternatives to the current investment pathways, retirement “savers” have when looking at ways to  access their pension pot.  The options are laid out in this document … Continue reading

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The OECD opens a new chapter on “non-guaranteed pensions”

The OECD have produced another tombstone on pension policy around the world. Thanks to my friend David Harris for dropping it on my toe this Christmas. You can read the content online here or download it as a PDF for … Continue reading

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The OECD signal a change in the weather. So should we!

I published yesterday the OECD’s latest recommendations for the design of DC pension plans I was surprised that they were so radical, though looking back at their “Pensions at a glance” paper last year, perhaps I shouldn’t have been. The … Continue reading

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The OECD’s 10 Commandments for DC pensions

The OECD has produced a well thought out Recommendation for the design of defined contribution pension plans. Published on 23rd February, it has received little comment (presumably as it has not been subject to a press release). However, it is … Continue reading

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Choosing to challenge male solutions to retirement planning

  Many women are brilliant with money, most household budgets are managed by women and women are better risk-takers, rarely exposing themselves to the kind of catastrophic breakdowns in personal finance that are such a curse on us men. These … Continue reading

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OECD-C? A guide to reading the OECD’s Pension Outlook 2020.

People saving for retirement face longevity risk in addition to investment risk. Sharing these risks among stakeholders improves the sustainability and resilience of retirement savings arrangements. For risk sharing to be sustainable, it is important to have a regulatory framework … Continue reading

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If the poor can’t save in this pandemic, when can they save?

  Yesterday I wrote about Nest Insight’s sidecar savings project (now mysteriously called “Jars”).  The article caught the eye of Michael Johnson who graphically  reminded me of the most effective means ever of increasing the savings ratio. So – covering … Continue reading

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Let’s get back to those three pillars – promising us certain pensions.

There are at least three uncomplimentary ways of thinking about “pensions” in the UK . So disparate are these three that it is hard to talk (or blog) about them in the same place. For a small number of people, pensions … Continue reading

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Do they mean us? How others countries see UK pensions!

The late  great Derek Jameson indulged us for a decade with facile but fascinating insights into how Johnny Foreigner viewed the Brits and ( when national self-esteem was low), we loved it! No matter how bad things were for us, … Continue reading

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