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Michael Johnson – the best spokesperson pensions never had

I can understand why Michael Johnson is so angry, he has missed the boat and he knows it. In 2013 he wrote a paper promoting the dashboard as a small pot aggregator and here he is in 2016 telling the … Continue reading

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Michael Johnson challenges the Nest Sidecar (Jars) project

The Nest Sidecar project (now renamed “Jars”) has been sponsored by a number of leading financial services companies and some major employers  (including Timpsons and BT). This blog is an open letter to the Nest management from  Michael Johnson, in … Continue reading

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If the poor can’t save in this pandemic, when can they save?

  Yesterday I wrote about Nest Insight’s sidecar savings project (now mysteriously called “Jars”).  The article caught the eye of Michael Johnson who graphically  reminded me of the most effective means ever of increasing the savings ratio. So – covering … Continue reading

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In a fighting mood!

Tyson Fury Having been up watching the #FuryWilder2 I’m in a fighting mood. Well done the Gipsy King. I’ve been watching the documentaries – especially the sight of Tyson Fury spending his money. Nobody begrudges this man his lifestyle and … Continue reading

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I was ashamed of my pension colleagues

Yesterday, as a guest of CWU’s Deputy General Secretary , Terry Pullinger, I spent a morning at the Westminster City Forum’s conference on Next Steps for UK Pension Funds. The Conference dealt with the regulation of DB pensions, consolidation and the future … Continue reading

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CDC has cross-party support, it also needs cross-departmental support.

I was at a CDC Forum yesterday with people from the DWP and various pension experts, I can’t say who or what they said but suffice it to say that this was “large employer stuff”. Necessarily this is where the … Continue reading

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More CDC nuts and bolts- this time from Kevin Wesbroom

  Rt Hon Frank Field MP Work and Pensions Committee c/o Clerk of the Works and Pensions Committee House of Commons 7 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA Dear Frank and colleagues Michael Johnson’s Commentary on Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) Michel Johnson … Continue reading

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“Why Michael Johnson’s so wrong!” – Con Keating

Michael Johnson’s letter to Frank Field & Co on CDC (reproduced in full here) was a real disappointment. I had expected more; a new and closely reasoned critique, passionately believed, perhaps. What I got was a tired and repetitive rehearsal … Continue reading

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Johnson misses the point; CDC is for the common man

  I don’t know whether Michael Johnson is being obtuse or obstructive, but either way, his letter to the Financial Times, misses the point.    A small cabal of consultants to the pensions industry has been banging the collective defined … Continue reading

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Auto-protection from an autodidact (the joy of Johnson).

One of the joys of Michael Johnson’s 40 or so papers on pensions is that you never know what to expect next. Johnson deliberately sets himself apart from the industry to rail at it. He is at his best when … Continue reading

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