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Private equity needs purpose (not debt)

  Writing in the FT this weekend John Plender observes Because asset managers in public markets are widely assessed against index benchmarks, they engage in momentum trading, constantly have to chase stocks that are rising strongly but in which they … Continue reading

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Jubilee thoughts on the forgiveness of debt

You can cope with increases in your fuel costs, the price at the pump, the supermarket bill. But do you know some who might be struggling? Do you know some who may be finding it hard right now, might you … Continue reading

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Michael Johnson – the best spokesperson pensions never had

I can understand why Michael Johnson is so angry, he has missed the boat and he knows it. In 2013 he wrote a paper promoting the dashboard as a small pot aggregator and here he is in 2016 telling the … Continue reading

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Saving our way to a fairer society..

Thanks a second time to Michael Johnson for asking a salient question about recently published data If we compare four months in 2019 and 2020 we see a ¬£20.5 billion behavioural swing: At the end of February 2020, total outstanding … Continue reading

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Can MaPS be our national wealth service?

There were two very good comments on my blog on MAPS’ recent webinar. My thrust was that MAPS is not behaving as it should and that it should be acting as the financial arm of our NHS – with acute … Continue reading

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Is MaPS creating a UK Financial Wellbeing Movement?

At this time of crisis , we need to be deploying our resources to meet the immediate needs of our customers and MaPS should be no different Continue reading

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Houses are for living in – pensions are for life! An answer to financial economics.

“the river of private pensions in the UK will only get shallower as it widens out to include so many more of us”¬† – Steve Bee Steve’s metaphor is so precise, so visual and so elegantly conveyed that this quote … Continue reading

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NEST needs you!

Interested in influencing how NEST works for members? News reaches me that the NEST Member Panel is recruiting and looking for hard working, conscientious , pension loving folk like us. You can apply for this position online up to and … Continue reading

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Jealous of your parents? Screw their pension!

  The Government are to bundle up the outstanding student debt and sell it to pension and hedge funds. Simple message to kids, if you love your parents, pay your debt; if you want to screw them-don’t. Remember kids, your … Continue reading

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Calm down – calm down! Pensions are in better shape than “they” think.

  Some weeks ago , Anthony Hilton,¬†finance writer for the Evening Standard, used his common sense to question whether the deficit emerging at the Daily Mail Pension Trust (DMGT) was real. The pensioners he represented did not seem any more … Continue reading

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