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A shameful shambles? The state pension needs help!

This blog argues that the issues around the State Pension are both larger and more urgent than those with the accessing of private pensions. It argues that DWP’s limited state pension helpline resources should  be bolstered by MaPS staff who … Continue reading

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The Money and Pensions Service is in a mess – and it needs to be told so.

This session of the Work and Pension Committee’s taking of oral evidence was a game of two halves. In the first half, David Fairs and Sarah Pritchard had a reasoned debate with selected MPs on how people could expect to … Continue reading

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How can employers choose workplace pensions and promote Money Helper?

TPR and FCA’s call for input on  the pensions consumer journey goes a little off road in it’s eighth  section when it moves on to product decision making and specifically the choices employers make about the workplace pensions for their … Continue reading

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Can we break down the barriers to our pensions?

In recent blogs I have been responding to the FCA and TPR’s joint call for input on the standarisation of a pensions consumer journey. The journey is broken down into stages – the main stages of the pensions consumer journey … Continue reading

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MaPS – this is not the way to buy investment pathways!

I wonder how many of the 60,000 people who each month decide they want to “get at” their pension money, are finding their way to MaPS website set up for people to understand and compare their investment pathway options (for … Continue reading

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MaPS faces up to the public as “Moneyhelper”

Introducing MoneyHelper, our new consumer brand, launching from 7 June. Get ready for MoneyHelper using our responses to frequently asked questions, and follow Money and Pensions Service channels for more resources to support you to make the change. https://t.co/tscbcOYE61 pic.twitter.com/LXMHMThqXY … Continue reading

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Pension Bee calls MaPS pathway tool “not fit for purpose”

A few weeks back, the Money and Pension Service(MaPS) published a comparison site to help people choose an investment pathway and then decide the best products to use when they’ve made the choice. Confusingly , the URL for the site … Continue reading

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MaPS’ green blind-spot tars good drawdown guidance!

Following yesterday’s post on MaPS’ new service guiding people to pension options, I’ve seen quite a bit of feedback from providers, but no comment from consumers – it would be good if MaPS can report on the use of the … Continue reading

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Has tPR just signed its own death warrant?

Today we are launching a discussion on our 15-year corporate strategy to protect the future financial wellbeing of savers. https://t.co/Cg1e3Ek6Eg #pensions pic.twitter.com/bBd9n4Eock — ThePensionsRegulator (@TPRgovuk) October 16, 2020 Note to regulator; you do not decide the news agenda, that is … Continue reading

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Transferring pots is a matter for the FCA and not MAPS

BREAKING: Stephen Timms, the work & pensions select committee chair, is to push for DB schemes to be able to pause transfers to reduce the risk of savers being hit by scams. Mr Timms plans to table an ammendment to … Continue reading

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