MoneyHelper’s benefit finder service -a dashboard delivered!

I am really pleased to see this initiative

If you’re struggling to make ends meet or you’ve had a change in circumstances and aren’t sure of the support you’re entitled to now, Money Helper’s benefits calculator can help.

You only have to answer four simple questions for a quick estimate of how much you could boost your income by each month.

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After that, it only takes a few minutes to enter more details and get a list of the benefits, payments or vouchers you could qualify for and how you can claim them.

Claiming benefits could mean you get government Cost of Living Payments, money towards your heating bills with Warm Home Discount, free school meals and grants to help with paying for school uniform.

Any information you put into the calculator is confidential and the Government  doesn’t store it or share it with anyone else.

The benefits calculator is to be used as a guide only. The calculator may give you details of benefits you are claiming already.

For a full benefits check from a specialist near you, visit Advice That’s Citizen’s Advice to you and me!

Partnering for good.

This service is delivered in connection with Inbest AI , run by Manu Peleteiro – an actuary working with purpose in Edinburgh, who helped me understand Pension Credit and how to find the hundreds of thousands yet to claim it.

Manu’s work with MaPS has born fruit . This public/private collaboration  reminds me that one day we’ll use MaPS not just for benefits but to find our pensions too!

Here’s Manu talking on Linked in 

We’ve always been inspired by Money and Pensions Service‘s vision and leadership in setting the best practices to improve financial capability and resilience in the UK. The MaPS Strategy for #FinancialWellbeing has also been our guiding light in setting our business strategy and product roadmap.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with MaPS to power their new benefits calculator on the MoneyHelper website. Through this collaboration, we aim to help #millionsOfPeople receive the benefits they are entitled to. We are also grateful to all MaPS colleagues who have provided invaluable insights and feedback to help us continuously improve our benefits calculator and guide our product roadmap.

We are excited about the possibilities of our continued collaboration with MaPS and look forward to working together to build new features and embed our calculator in more Money Helper user journeys, further improving the financial wellbeing of individuals and families across the UK.

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