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MoneyHelper’s benefit finder service -a dashboard delivered!

I am really pleased to see this initiative If you’re struggling to make ends meet or you’ve had a change in circumstances and aren’t sure of the support you’re entitled to now, Money Helper’s benefits calculator can help. You only … Continue reading

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58 not out, leave Fat Jacques to it!

I retired at 58, and there was, to my surprise, no provision for me to inform the government of this fact. I could sign on, but I have more pension than will allow me to claim any benefits and they … Continue reading

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The impact of inflation on those with lowest pensions.

Inflation is at a thirty year high. It will hurt the poor much harder than the rich. This is why. Woke up this morning to the radio talking about the cost of living rising a further 5%. It infuriates me … Continue reading

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Retirement – where is thy sting?

At over 2600 words, this is the longest comment to appear on this blog. It is written by Gareth Morgan who’s focus is not on “wealth” but on the alleviation of poverty. This blog is his critique, not of Pensions … Continue reading

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SABS in the back – the minister’s last hurrah!

Simpler annual pension statements (SABS) got a well-needed boost this morning when the DWP launched a consultation into their adoption. This looks like being just about the latest Government consultation of this parliament and it could be the swan-song for … Continue reading

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This week – we hope to be able to talk about the “benefit of pensions” again!

This is a blog about the economic utility of pension management. It’s written because the first thing that hit me this morning was this almost confessional comment from George Norval, Group Pensions Manager at Berensden. Is the DB Pensions Manager … Continue reading

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“Lifestyle” jobs should still pay pensions!

  The latest Gig Economy case to be tested in court starts today , (Monday 30th April) Courier firm Hermes is facing action from GMB Union members. The legal action, which follows GMB’s landmark success against Uber, is on behalf of … Continue reading

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Who moved my cliche? The sorry state of the “employee benefits market”

  I was suffeciently underwhelmed by the “vibrant employee benefits live exhibition” last week to stay just 20 minutes. Bearing in mind the Boris Bike ride from the City to Kensington Olympia, this represented a poor return on my time. … Continue reading

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“Hier Stehe Ich” – Frances Coppola on woman’s financial rights in later years

This blog restates and amplifies comments made by Frances on this blog and elsewhere . If you are a woman, advise women or have women you know who are impacted by the changes in the state pension age, you should … Continue reading

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