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Have pension freedoms “benefited” the poor?

Gareth Morgan has written to us via linked in to remind us his submission to the Work and Pensions Select Committee is now public . You can read it in full here   bit.ly/3d9PpyW There were 54 written submissions but only … Continue reading

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Does the FCA’s consumer duty help or hinder the pensioner?

  How Jane can give £10,000 to an insurer for an annuity and not benefit a penny Gareth, “the Ferret” Morgan is a fintech consumerist who stands up for those who are excluded from mainstream financial advice (and mainstream regulation).  … Continue reading

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Retirement – where is thy sting?

At over 2600 words, this is the longest comment to appear on this blog. It is written by Gareth Morgan who’s focus is not on “wealth” but on the alleviation of poverty. This blog is his critique, not of Pensions … Continue reading

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12 reckoners to work out what you’ll get.

  New help from the Ferret Gareth Morgan has put online and free for use, his reckoners: – these help people with benefit and grant claims – estimating what they’ll get They are called Ferret Reckoners These reckoners, which are … Continue reading

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Why delays in dashboard delivery hit the worst-off hardest

  This blog looks at how the information from the pensions dashboard could help those on low incomes with low savings and it focusses not on how they save, but how they spend their savings. I had hoped , following … Continue reading

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Retirement plans meet people’s needs (not what we want to sell them)

  This is a blog about Gareth Morgan, Greggs and about how we meet the needs of all people in retirement, not just the sufficient Here is Gareth’s blog – AgeWage will be integrating Gareth’s analytics into our work on … Continue reading

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How certain are my client’s state benefits?

The old adage “there’s nothing certain except death and taxes”, sadly did not include pensions, not even the state pension. Behavioural science suggests that the further we look into the future , the more we crave the security of certainty. … Continue reading

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The impact of low pension savings on retirement incomes – Gareth Morgan

Income certainty and low pension savings There is concern, increasingly voiced, by some well-informed commentators, about some of the consequences of the pension freedoms. The complexity of choices, the lack of knowledge of most pension savers and the actions of … Continue reading

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