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Why the door’s slammed shut on open pensions.

During the week, AgeWage was invited to compete in the  Nesta Open Up Challenge. Nesta is funded by the UK lottery – they are an agency of change sponsored by the likes of you and me; As any entrepreneurial start-up … Continue reading

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What is going on at MAPS?

I want MAPS to succeed. It needs an experienced person as its CEO who understands pensions. Here’s MAPS’ news as  Pension Age presents it. The Money and Pensions Service (Maps) chief executive officer, John Govett, has resigned eight months into … Continue reading

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Buy and Suppress the pensions dashboard

I designed, launched and sold the first – and still only – Norwegian pension dashboard some 15 yrs ago.  “norskpensjon.no” is the pension dashboard service that the Norwegian pension providers, after we gained traction with it, insisted that they should … Continue reading

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Railways and dashboards have a lot in common!

  Yesterday I wrote about the importance of delivering a dashboard competitively. To sum my argument up, I think that those prepared to supply the technology needed to find people’s pensions should not compete for the work through a Government … Continue reading

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“Deliver me a world without work”!

In almost every conversation I have had about the purpose of a pension dashboard, up comes the word “engagement”. Engagement has become the horse to the savings cart, “you can’t expect people to save more unless you’ve engaged them with … Continue reading

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Lord share their data – but not yet!

Augustine’s wayward prayer – “Lord, make me holy – but not yet”, sprung to mind as I sat with the dashboardistas in Parliament yesterday. The Government’s “Pensions Dashboards – working together for the consumer” is a pretty vague document which … Continue reading

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Pension Dashboard – consultation pending.

https://videoplayback.parliamentlive.tv/Player/Index/0c025370-4338-41f6-a843-9575474ac073?in=2018-11-19T14%3A51%3A39%2B00%3A00&out=2018-11-19T14%3A53%3A03%2B00%3A00&audioOnly=False&autoStart=False&statsEnabled=True Here’s Guy Opperman on the Pensions Dashboard. He’s answering questions on behalf of this new boss – Amber Rudd. Key message – “A feasibility study and a consultation are pending.” My understanding of the Government’s position is this. It … Continue reading

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Dashboard-smashboard ; we’re done with you!

The Pension Play Pen met this lunchtime and we’ve decided to ban the word dashboard from our lexicon of pension bull. “Dashboard” is old hat lingo – implying a steering wheel and all kinds of stuff that people aren’t ready … Continue reading

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“Do we need a dashboard- or just a pension finding service?” – Pension PlayPen lunch – Monday 5th Nov

Expect fireworks at the Pension Play Pen lunch on Monday. The derisory £5m budget dished out by the Treasury to fund the dashboard suggests we won’t get much more than a damp squib. But maybe the Treasury are right! Maybe … Continue reading

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The Treasury could make muppets of us all!

  With something like 50m as a target customer base, the Treasury’s announcement that they will be allocating £5m to the Pensions Dashboard , suggests it is worth around 10p per tax-payer next year. My maths might be deficient , … Continue reading

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