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Pension Policy Institute – the NEW pensions landscape

Back in 2003 when the Pension Policy Institute was born, it produced a report on the pension state of the nation . PPI now means a bung from a bank and any google search for it’s likely to compromise your … Continue reading

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I hate marketing but I like this man

Of all the black arts, marketing is the most insidious. Marketing can make monkeys of us all and as we grin with pleasure at our inane purchasers, the marketers and their clients sip fine brandies and snigger. I’m holding that … Continue reading

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Why we can’t dissolve fund management like monasteries

  If you had to pay for advice – would you pay for judgement or luck? Con Keating makes an important point in response to my blog, in denial and in disgust it is required by statute to retain an … Continue reading

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Michael Johnson – 80% of fund management industry is redundant

Michael Johnson has responded to the FCA’s Asset Management Study for the Centre for Policy Studies. Here  is his paper is in full. SUMMARY The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is to be congratulated on its recent interim Asset Management Market Study. … Continue reading

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Miller time! A crunching analysis of the FCA’s Asset Management Study.

  Asset managers and investment advisers stand accused of complicity in lining their pockets at the expense of unwary and helpless investors. One asset manager (now an adviser) who has never stood by and has always shouted for truth and … Continue reading

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£4k AA? Sit down-shut up!

  The amount of whingeing from the “wealth” end of the pension market about reducing the annual allowance for those in drawdown from £10k to £4k gives credence to Osborne’s capitulation to major pension taxation reforms. Though only a tiny … Continue reading

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In denial and in disgust – investment consultants and the FCA.

I went to the Vuelio blogger awards last night, which was fun, young, female and loud. I learned that I am unusual in not making money out of my blog and that I could make this a mobile advertising platform for … Continue reading

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Con Keating – Damage control

This blog is by Con Keating; Con Keating is head of research at Brighton Rock Group and a member of the steering committee of the financial econometrics research centre at the University of Warwick One of the favourite narratives of … Continue reading

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Why a 12% pension saving rate is wrong.

      I had hoped to talk yesterday with and  today about Lord Turner and the meeting of minds at the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association. The change of title a year ago had, I hoped , heralded a more open … Continue reading

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People’s Pension admits undisclosed charge-hike.

Last week I published an article “Power to the People”, calling on People’s pension to tell their members what their asset managers were charging for stock lending on trustee’s assets. People’s Pension has responded with a comment on that blog. … Continue reading

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