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What would we do without bloody difficult women?

Messaging Gina Miller before I went to the launch of a new play about her and Theresa May, Gina told me that she was “Very nervous about the play!  People will think it’s all true” She needn’t have been. The … Continue reading

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If you’re choosing a financial adviser – listen to Alan.

Tips for picking advisers include going through their Twitter feed and avoiding those driving a posh car as your fees are paying for it. Judging by some adviser posts, Teslas seem to be a preference https://t.co/g20BfANoM7 — Ali Hussain (@AlihussainST) … Continue reading

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“Asleep at the wheel” The Millers catalogue our regulatory woes.

Campaigner Gina Miller is asking for an  Independent Review of the Appointment of the Next Governor of the Bank of England and the FCA in the Face of a Catalogue of Regulatory Failures Leading to Catastrophic Consumer Detriment The True … Continue reading

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Let the Lady speak for me (on Brexit)

I was a silent remainer. I have been a Liberal most of my life, voted Liberal in #GE2019 and am proud to know Ros Altmann and Gina Miller as friends. Yesterday I bowed in front of the Throne in the … Continue reading

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What would BREXIT mean to workplace pensions?

  Europe has a great deal of influence on UK pensions; the influence includes fund reporting, funding requirements, reserving against risk and even competition between service providers. This can have very strange results. The reason that NEST has such a … Continue reading

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34 firms under investigation by FCA for non-disclosure of investment charges

    The Times are running this story as a result of a tip-off by professional charge-busters and founding members of the awkward squad SCM Direct. If you don’t know what SCM Direct is, that’s because you aren’t one of … Continue reading

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Miller time! A crunching analysis of the FCA’s Asset Management Study.

  Asset managers and investment advisers stand accused of complicity in lining their pockets at the expense of unwary and helpless investors. One asset manager (now an adviser) who has never stood by and has always shouted for truth and … Continue reading

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It was our Gina what done it!

The unexpected decision in the Supreme Court to give power to our parliament to debate the pushing of the button, created an upheaval in financial markets that had more or less given up on anything than a hard Brexit. The … Continue reading

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