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The sharks using Brexit to prey on DB pensions.

  You don’t have to go to Spain or Dubai to get poor advice on managing your retirement finances – try France. In this article, Des Cooney from Axis Consultants in Paris offers British expats  this advice In the mean-time expats … Continue reading

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Brexit sets our pensions free!

We are where we are; Brexit is changing things. Brexit is a disruptor of old certainties and a bringer of new opportunities. The pensions and savings industry has grown fat on the old certainties but is now being confronted by populist … Continue reading

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Can the Government nudge us to be proud to rent? #housingwhitepaper

Within an hour of the document’s publication, Paul Lewis had delivered his verdict and people were keen to endorse it. I was not one of them. The UK housing market is too big a ship to be turned round by … Continue reading

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“Brexit penalties” and the price of freedom.

What kind of a club charges you £59bn to leave it? If the EU was a pension plan, we’d be screaming about exit penalties. But I suspect we are talking up the cost to highlight the brilliant negotiating tactics of … Continue reading

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It was our Gina what done it!

The unexpected decision in the Supreme Court to give power to our parliament to debate the pushing of the button, created an upheaval in financial markets that had more or less given up on anything than a hard Brexit. The … Continue reading

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Is Trump a “necessary agent of change”?

  “An imperfect candidate but a necessary agent of change” Not my formulation but the unconsidered response to my question. I was standing at the bar of the Westminster Arms following a successful meeting with Share Action in the house … Continue reading

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Was BHS a blessing?

At a rowdy debate at yesterday’s Battle of Ideas, my colleague Hilary Salt stoked the fires by claimed the fall of BHS was a milestone to improving British productivity. Nobody expressed disagreement – despite it being packed with left-wing thinkers. … Continue reading

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What a difference a year makes; #CPC16

  I only really notice party politics when the conferences are on, and as I’m at the Tory party conference at the moment, I feel like a sheep having my annual “dip”. Whatever they’re dipping me in has changed since last year! … Continue reading

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“Britain’s future is brighter than the British realise!” – Dr Pippa Malmgren

This is a blog by Pippa Malmgren. I met her through the good folk at Mallowstreet and she is my favourite economic commentator bar none. So I’m really pleased she’s agreed for me to republish this remarkable work here.   … Continue reading

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An Apple a day, 700 reasons not to stay!

General angst, everywhere but here! There are a lot of people getting very angry about the EU’s determination that Apple should be paying Euro 13bn in tax to the Irish Government. Apple aren’t happy at the prospect of corporate profits … Continue reading

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