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Who’ll benefit from easing insurer’s capital requirements?

NEW: UK Govt says it’s “committed” to ensuring the insurance regime remains a “safe home” for people’s pensions. but also that UK insurers “remain internationally competitive”. Govt was responding to a written question on the impact of Solvency2 reforms.https://t.co/FuwkoouYOR — … Continue reading

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Let’s not slide back into the swamp!

After what they must consider a “decent period”, the insurers and the bankers have reappeared from the slimy depths like Grendel out to wreak revenge on consumers protected too long by Europe. The insurance and pensions industry is calling for … Continue reading

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Sorting the pensions of the “squeezed middle”.

There are three distinct streams among those old enough to work and young enough not to, Stream One is for  those who can look forward to retirement with a degree of confidence because their employer is guaranteeing it. They are primarily … Continue reading

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What’s in store for UK pensions in 2012?

Artificially depressed interest rates drive up DB deficits and depress annuities but the pressure on life companies and pension schemes to adopt Solvency II recedes as the UK  distances itself from Brussels. The price of the settlement on public sector pensions is … Continue reading

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Unexpected risks – people just don’t get pensions (education).

We’re all aware that investing in the stockmarket is a “risky” business, it’s easy to understand how the sharp falls in stock markets impact on your savings and as stock market falls are the staple of media reporting, it’s not surprising that … Continue reading

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What will Europe do to our pensions?

Europe will, given half a chance, screw up our pensions. I don’t want that to happen. Well done Cameron for digging in your heels.

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Value add – wine and target dated funds

Thanks to the boys and girls at ABCD it was fun but it left me a little frustrated.

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A blueprint for DC pensions

In this article I am arguing that the Pension Protection Fund can be used to provide pensions today for those ill-served by the indiviudal annuity process, namely those whose pots are above the level of commutation but below the levels where income drawdown becomes viable
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A definitive solution to the annuity crisis.

It is time that we started using our existing infrastructure, the PPF, the DWP pension payment system and the ultimate covenant of the UK tax-payer to sort out this mess.

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DC – a victim of “mark to market” evangelism?

At present, the DC affluent can protect themselves through the use of phased retirement and income drawdown. Those with small DC pots are least protected from market vagaries.
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