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CPI, RPI and CPIH – get up to speed pension people!

  I first published this blog in May 2017. Since then the Treasury has been consulting on the RPI/CPI/CPIH issues identified by the Royal Statistical Society. The result of that consultation is due anytime (most likely Wednesday 25th November). The … Continue reading

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“Gonna break out of the City” – and retire to a very cheap house in the country

  No song was more thrilling to me as a 15 year old than Eddie and the Hot Rods “do anything you wanna do!”. Its opening line is quoted in the title of this blog and you can hear Eddie … Continue reading

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An alternative to the dystopia of “pension de-risking”

      One interesting thing about this episode is that we have seen the Pension Regulator’s preferred view ahead of the final legislation itself. Their usual defense of ”It’s the law that Parliament decided, and we are only implementing … Continue reading

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A different approach to pension scheme solvency and funding.

Solvency and Funding This is the second of our blogs answering questions which arose from our original essay written in response to the proposed DB Funding Code. It covers issues of solvency and funding. Solvency estimation involves the comparison of … Continue reading

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Does not discussing salaries, only benefit employers?

Having kicked the traces with corporate reward strategies, I now operate a company where everybody knows the wages of the company. For good reason I am AgeWage’s lowest paid employee and I’m proud that we are able to talk about … Continue reading

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“The way we were” – DWP AE Evaluation

In normal times, the publication of a major Government review of auto-enrolment would be newsworthy. Apart from a series of mentions by Jo Cumbo, I have seen no publicity for it – from the DWP or their press office or … Continue reading

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Powers during wartime- tPR and funding.

  Jo Cumbo has written a fine piece in the FT’s Pension Expert .  She is sympathetic to the Pension Regulator’s current dilemma and supportive of its position over deficit holidays. To be exact, Jo is supporting the balanced position … Continue reading

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“Financial strength” – customers will be the judge.

  One of the most important functions of  pension providers is to ensure that service levels are maintained through the current crisis. It is a severe test, this time the consequences of failure are not theoretical, if service levels fall … Continue reading

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Royal London IGC report – a welcome shift in focus

Royal London are (as usual), the first IGC to report. They have been kind and sent me the Chair’s Statement which saves me searching. But it’s easy to track down here The IGC has delivered a really interesting read which … Continue reading

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Right in principle – wrong in practice. Ros Altmann’s tax reforms need more work

  Ros Altmann is bang on the money when proposing we link healthcare and pensions in her most recent blog The big picture policy issue for the UK is how to afford a healthcare system that is free at the … Continue reading

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