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Where Eagles dare – Hyde Park stunner

    At lunchtime yesterday I got a text, a mate had a spare for the Eagles at Hyde Park. I agreed with my fine crew aboard Lady Lucy we would return home and 6 hours later I was watching … Continue reading

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Dashboards will test quality of service – and value for members.

Thanks Paul McGlone for reminding the good people of Linked-in that “dashboard denial” is futile. He ends a pithy argument with an admission that while dashboards are coming , we don’t know quite when. Of course, none of that is … Continue reading

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What’s the fuss about CDC?

Readers may well ask why so much attention has been paid to a new type of pension called CDC. It is highly controversial but despite all the articles, seminars and legislation, not a single CDC scheme has been set up, … Continue reading

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How do women get a fair deal out of pensions?

  The gender equality gap has become a cause celebre for the marketing departments of pension companies. We’ve had it from the ABI in their blueprint for auto-enrolment 2.0, from Hargreaves Lansdown who reckon that women are under pensioned from … Continue reading

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“Using dogs to connect Covid’s not to be sniffed at” – the C19 actuaries 68th bulletin

                                                                                                                                      Friday Report: Issue 68 By: John Roberts & Adele Groyer COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence. COVID-19 is still one of the hottest topics for scientific papers and articles. The COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group … Continue reading

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Call out the Karma Police – (they’re at it again)

As if the Karma Police weren’t busy enough, we have more work for them! Legal & General, like Hargreaves Lansdown. have found a way to demand money of us to swell their coffers in aid of narrowing the gender pay … Continue reading

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21st Century Pensions – how it all began

In my beginning is my end I happened, purely be the  serendipity of social media to come across this post remind me of the genesis of 21st century pension policy in  a White Paper called “simplicity, security and choice“. This … Continue reading

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We need courage not legislation – to sort out small pots

    Dress it up as the industry may, the progress report of the Small Pots Working Group is a disappointment. The Group was set up to find a working solution that commanded consensus from the ABI, PLSA and the … Continue reading

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Hargreaves Lansdown apprehended by Karma Police

According to a recent FOI request made by HL, 14,500 girls aged 15 or under had money paid into a pension for them compared to 15,300 boys in 2019-20. The gap is closing. In 2015-16 only 13,800 girls had money … Continue reading

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Positions on redress for British Steel workers harden.

The FCA is in an awkward position as it consults on the redress it is looking to pay to British Steel workers who claim they were advised poorly to leave the BSPS scheme. On the one hand they have disgruntled … Continue reading

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