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Putting our money where the Chancellor’s mouth is.

  After a week of hearing how hard it will be to invest in growth capital. I am relieved to hear that the British Business Bank is planning to help pension funds invest in venture capital using its considerable  intellectual … Continue reading

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The pension investment debate – where we have got to?

Pensions are now center-stage in Britain’s economic debate. The assets within our DC and DB pension systems are openly discussed by politicians , the think-tanks and in the press. The immediate future of UK pensions has been opened to debate … Continue reading

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PMI DC and master trust symposium -a welcome anchor!

I got a surprise but most welcome last minute acceptance to this event, having been on the waiting list. The event was a sell-out with well over 200 delegates, a healthy exhibition and a day long event that kicked off … Continue reading

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Dashboards will test quality of service – and value for members.

Thanks Paul McGlone for reminding the good people of Linked-in that “dashboard denial” is futile. He ends a pithy argument with an admission that while dashboards are coming , we don’t know quite when. Of course, none of that is … Continue reading

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How do master trusts add value for members at retirement?

I shouldn’t be surprised to report on a consultancy looking at how member outcomes could be improved by picking the right workplace pension. But I am. This morning at 11 am, Hymans Robertson are kicking off another round of webinars … Continue reading

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300 new tickets issued for Friday’s VFM conference – register here.

We have been able to increase our Zoom capacity from 200 to 500, to allow a much wider audience. Following the publication of their findings on what members of workplace pensions want to know, Ruston Smith and Janette Weir will … Continue reading

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Consumers mustn’t pay to clean up the FCA’s mess.

This is a post from Gina Miller on Linked in.  It poses a question about accountability The Gloster Report into #LCF is a damning indictment of failures at the FCA – Whilst my blood boils on behalf of millions of victims … Continue reading

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What’s the point of disclosure if it never gets seen?

Jo Cumbo has been writing some interesting pieces ( https://www.ft.com/content/787ad06e-7e7b-11e6-bc52-0c7211ef3198)  on how what we need to know about our retirement savings can be delivered to us as we want it. We get our shopping or our meals to our door if … Continue reading

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My pension fund manager – reassuringly boring.

I’ve worked out what I want from the person who runs my pension fund – I want them to be busy doing nothing. That’s more or less what Martin Dietz is doing running the Legal and General Multi-Asset Fund which … Continue reading

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So who gave Mark Carney the keys?

Ros Altmann, along with many others is concerned that a side-effect of the measures announced to bounce our economy out of  Brexit blues, will be to require employers to pump money into pensions and not into jobs, research and building new … Continue reading

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