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Hunt’s right; tax should incentivise us savers to boost Britain.

Cash ISAs are strange. They are supposed to encourage long term saving  but are used as a tax-shelter for higher rate tax-payers who have large amounts they do not want to invest – for the long-term. The Chancellor is now … Continue reading

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Power to the people: Democratizing the investment landscape

This blog is from Tumelo’s Charlie Barlow. I’ve been writing about this over the past few days but not like this. Maybe this is how I’d have put it if I was 35 years younger, though I doubt I’d have … Continue reading

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Do we have to be told to save our planet?

Do we have to be told? Share Action’s Master Trust survey starts with the question “IS REGULATION ENOUGH?” and through the 26 pages of Lauren Peacock’s survey that remains the key question. But there are secondary questions… Can we trust … Continue reading

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Why do DB transfer values make me sick?

One of the things ordinary people find hardest to work out is why their share of a defined benefit scheme can go up when stock markets go down. This happened last month where the stock market fell. But in August, … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment pension savers could face significant losses due to poor climate risk practice

    A new report by ClientEarth and ShareAction has revealed that millions of pension savers, including those signed up under the government’s auto-enrolment legislation, may face significant future losses due to lack of action from pension providers and their … Continue reading

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Catch a falling knife?

For the first time since we had pension freedoms , we have a market that appears out of control. As I write, the London Stock Exchange is preparing to open, with the FTSE lagging the S&P by 2.5%. We are … Continue reading

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Brexit- good for people’s pensions. Pensions -worse for Brexit Britain.

Contrary to the received idea, Brexit and its aftershock, the Bank of England’s QE statement , has been good for the pension in people’s pocket. Ok, we don’t have pensions in our pocket- but if we’re simply valuing our pension … Continue reading

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Cash beats shares for capital gains (but not for pensions).

Paul Lewis has produced a brilliant study that shows how the outcomes of investing a capital sum in cash would have been better than investing in shares over the past 21 years. Paul is right, the numbers do  not lie and … Continue reading

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One of the great words of the English language, fungibility means that something is replaceable. What’s fungible and what’s not? If I give you a tenner, that note is fungible with 10 £1 coins or two fivers. If I am … Continue reading

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Exploring the cost of ownership – Guest blog from Dr Chris Sier

Introduction The pension fund value chain is overly complex, costly and completely opaque to the end consumer. The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-term Decision-making (2013) highlighted this. In fact, the total cost of owning (TCO) a pension … Continue reading

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