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Do we have to be told to save our planet?

Do we have to be told? Share Action’s Master Trust survey starts with the question “IS REGULATION ENOUGH?” and through the 26 pages of Lauren Peacock’s survey that remains the key question. But there are secondary questions… Can we trust … Continue reading

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Are DC trustees worth the money?

  It seems churlish to take up your Monday morning with matters of pensions governance, what with the cheers at Lords, Silverstone and Wimbledon sill ringing round the country but I will! My blog yesterday set out the case for … Continue reading

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Where are the millennials on trustee and IGC boards?

I enjoyed the passion of Jennifer Lopes, a South African millennial who responded to my blog yesterday on the DWP’s new stance on responsible investment. This is fantastic. Many Funds here in South Africa are turning to more green investing … Continue reading

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Taking one for transparency!

My colleagues at First Actuarial will hate me for it – but I accepted an award from Mr Transparency – Andy Agethangelou, at the Transparency Task Force’s Auto-Enrolment event yesterday afternoon. The point was that 30 people got together with … Continue reading

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The democratisation of risk?

I can’t say I’d heard this phrase before Bruce Porteous of Aberdeen introduced it into conversation at yesterday’s Westminster Business Forum. The only reference I can find to it on the web is a sneering jibe at “Cowboys in Superland” … Continue reading

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The risks small employers run with workplace pensions

In yesterday’s blog, where I talked about the “Scally duty” on an employer to provide staff with pension information, created a lot of traffic on “social media”. Some of this may be down to it being a quiet week in … Continue reading

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Con Keating on the real cost of pension transfers

  Imagine buying a bond at par, say a ten-year, ten-percent coupon issue; then let five years pass, when market interest rates decline to one percent. At this time, the bond is trading in the market at £143.68 percent. Now, … Continue reading

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When is a fiduciary independent?

It’s a question asked by Karen Wake on twitter @JosephineCumbo @henryhtapper @DominicLindley @greggmcclymont So … what is "independent"? We might be chasing a tornado here — Karen Wake (@pensionmonkey) October 29, 2015 I’m not into chasing tornadoes so I’ll try … Continue reading

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The transfer mess gets worse…

It’s been some weeks since I wrote about transfers. To recap, I have been predicting a seizure in the transfer market , resulting from high demand, low-advisory capacity and pipes blocked with regulatory effluent. So it doesn’t come as a … Continue reading

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If NEST’s web services are “free” – who’s picking up the tab?

  Employers who choose NEST will be able to onboard directly from payroll assuming payroll holds the information NEST needs to set-up. As with most things NEST do , the announcement this week that they have created a suite of … Continue reading

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