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“In pensions we trust” – when our data is trusty!

Yesterday I talked about how we can  performance analysis of individual pension pots to sense check the quality of data. The idea is to make sure that once contributions reach the pension provider, they are properly recorded and people can … Continue reading

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What passing bells for those who work as cattle?

It’s currently cool to talk about treating your workforce as a commodity. Evidence- Jeff Bezos can get on the Front Page of the New York Times for his experiments in office cruelty. “Amazon is successful right now- Bezos must be getting … Continue reading

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My missus!

  My missus’ called Stella and, it being St Valentine’s day, I thought I’d say something about her. We met, nearly 15 years ago, in Ronnie Scotts in Birmingham, she had just become Pension Director at BT, something I found … Continue reading

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The sins of the past

We have concentrated our thinking on how the financial services industry will cope with the new business strain of auto-enrolment. For many providers the bigger issue will be the impact on its existing business. Continue reading

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How Payroll won friends and influenced Government

Hats off to the journalists, thought leaders , practitioners and trade representatives who worked together for good. In a couple of weeks they created a framework for change Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment;- the story so far

Payroll managers are playing an increasingly important role in the formation of their business’ pension strategies. Continue reading

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In place of strife – some light in the tunnel?

Clearly things have not gone well in the summer long negotiations between public sector unions and those involved in the management of the large unfunded pensions (for firemen, teachers , police and civil servants). The battle lines appear to have been drawn for … Continue reading

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In place of strife

As we contemplate the impact of industrial strife as the structural changes to pensions (and elsewhere) are rolled out, we need to be looking to the solutions that have worked. Perhaps this is one of them.
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