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How Facebook works for pensions.

Most people know I use social media a lot – it serves me well and I’m keen to help people less familiar with it, to spend their time profitably. Two years ago I was saying, spend time on Linked in … Continue reading

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Practical help for practical people- what we hope to do for BSPS members.

What Al Rush and I are up to I’ll be taking up to a week off over the next fortnight – partly because I have to and partly because I relish the opportunity of scooting around the country doing what … Continue reading

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“A decision to take a transfer cannot be reversed and should not be rushed”

This blog is mainly written for deferred members of the British Steel Pension Scheme, but many other people may find it interesting. There’s no doubt that what is going on in Tata-land, will go on with other employers who feel … Continue reading

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The making and keeping of friends.

  We had a good conversation in the Olde Bell after racing yesterday about the value of friendship. One of our party was quite methodical in how she cultivated friendship. Acquaintances were granted access to her via linked in from … Continue reading

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Can pensions be more playful (please)!

  I’ve waded through a number of IGC chair reports this Easter weekend and a smile has seldom  been on my lips. With the exception of the Virgin Money report, I hardly felt I knew who I was talking to. Ironically, … Continue reading

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Social media – “everybody’s doing it – so let’s not do it at all!”

  I rode down to the Jumeirah Carlton Tower (no less) to speak at “Social Media for Marketing”, a sell-out conference which in headlines offered GUIDANCE, COMPLIANCE & FUTURE TRENDS At the risk of homogenising the other (excellent) speakers, this … Continue reading

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“They deal in pictures”

This was the comment of my 18 year old son about pupils at his school in years below him. Instagram has killed text as anything much more than a caption, Facebook is too wordy for this new wave of kids. … Continue reading

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Addiction is not a word that resonates positively. But we had a discussion yesterday centred on getting people addicted to properly managing their money, in which the word seemed entirely appropriate. People get addicted to courses of action resulting from a … Continue reading

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Making social media work for us

One of the things that social media does, is blur the line between work and play. The distinction is one that employers , regulators and brands attempt to manage, often with arcane rules that make them a laughing stock to their … Continue reading

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E-Christmas Cards – a very rum idea if you ask me.

What do you do with e-christmas cards? They bother me. “E-Christmas card” is a misnoma, most of these e-thingies seem the product of the thought police who de-risk corporate communications. “Merry” is of course out – a whiff of intoxication … Continue reading

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