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Notting Hill Carnival was fun- shock!

In case you didn’t notice, Notting Hill Carnival happened this weekend and everyone had a good time! This was despite police scaremongering Or the ring of steel put round the carnival that made Europe’s largest street festival rather hard to … Continue reading

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Get us baby-boomers back to work!

  The photo is of two college friends who had a full page splash in this weekend’s Sunday Times. Alison, was born a few days before me and we were at College together, Matthew met her at Mckinsey in the … Continue reading

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Can pensions be more playful (please)!

  I’ve waded through a number of IGC chair reports this Easter weekend and a smile has seldom  been on my lips. With the exception of the Virgin Money report, I hardly felt I knew who I was talking to. Ironically, … Continue reading

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Who says hospitality’s dead? Cheltenham 2017 – last call!

The Pension Play Pen Linked in Group was set up in 2007 to be an alternative to corporate hospitality for those who either couldn’t or wouldn’t accept corporate invites. The ideas was then/ is now, that when people want to … Continue reading

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This India that cannot be ignored

  Yesterday I went to an interesting debate in the Safari Bar of the Maharaja’s Express. The debate was moderated by a suave Anglo- Indian and attended by a motley crew of travellers from Britain, the US, India and Australia. … Continue reading

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The Blockchain is boring – we aren’t!

If you read my blogs you’ll know that I see the Blockchain as boring and beautiful at the same time. It is boring because it creates a central purchasing ledger and it is beautiful because it puts millions of boring … Continue reading

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Sexing up old age

Sex- the final frontier – at least in our perception of pensions and pensioners. I ‘m sure that the concept of recreational sex for the over 70s is not a dinner-party favourite for yuppies like my friend Jeroen Wilbrink . It’s … Continue reading

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Insurrection and resurrection! A sideways glance at pension titillation.

Thanks to Martin Baker – fellow Yeovil Town enthusiast for this nice juxtaposition. The Lord Giveth-and the Lord Taketh Away -these articles appeared within four days of each other. Perhaps Express newspapers worked out that putting “Pension ” on the front … Continue reading

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“Living longer? -Epic. Needing to pay for it? -Challenging”. Vivi Friedgut on long-term saving.

Have fun when you’re young, enjoy yourself, you only live once and the future will take care of yourself. Ever been given that advice? Nice sound-bites but only really applicable to those fortunate enough to have a large financial safety … Continue reading

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Sing if you’re “GLAD” to be grey!

If you’re old enough to recognise the reference to Tom Robinson’s 1977 gay anthem then you’re grey, bald or using restorer! Here’s Tom singing about queer bashing on “So it Goes” , complete with Japanese sub-titles (that’s the wonder of … Continue reading

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