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Why Martin Bamford is right to stay an independent financial adviser

SJP – we have been here before Martin Bamford has produced an excellent piece explaining why everyone he knows “loves to  hate St James’ Place” . It turns out that quite a few people Martin knows work for St James’ … Continue reading

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The Strop Suite – OMG!

We flew overnight to Dubai, missing the GB Entrepreneur Awards, for which Pension Play Pen had been shortlisted. “Dubai is a shit-hole (I want to go home)” Well that’s what I was singing on the bus as we moved from … Continue reading

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I’ve just been (pension) geeked!

Yesterday, as you probably weren’t aware, was national pension awareness day. I tried to tell you  in my Pension Play Pen weekly announcement but did you engage? I thought not September 15th was decreed so by the Pension Geeks among whom … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann to be the over 50s

  News from the Sunday Times via @paullewismoney  reports that Ros Altmann is to be our (eg those over 50) new work tsar. This I take to be good news. Ros Altmann to be named Government's champion for older workers … Continue reading

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Government needs to publish its intentions for CDC

The defined ambition agenda is a vague one. Steve Webb talks about wanting to give people more certainty in retirement. He’s talked about DC heavy (to and through investment strategies) and DB lite- exit routes from traditional guaranteed DB structures- … Continue reading

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Can we deliver the Guidance Guarantee?

We are all worried about the Guidance Guarantee, the content of what will be delivered and the quality of the delivery. We worry for a variety of reasons but mostly we worry that people will not get what they expected … Continue reading

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Good with food – not so good with money.

The sad events at the Co-operative Bank this year are not the first financial services scandal to hit the Co-operative movements. Less publicised but no less carnal, was the behaviour of the management of Co-operative Insurance Services (CIS) who were … Continue reading

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What’s this charge cap really going to cost? (1000th blog)

Ringing out the old and ringing in the new should be managed with a little more responsibility than the approach adopted by the DWP through their dodgy Impact Assessment Continue reading

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Do employers have a duty of care to their staff when they retire?

If you take the Daily Express, you will have been reading a series of front page headlines about “rip-off pensions”. Here’s this Thursday’s edition . The argument is based on some recently released figures “A 65-year-old with average pension … Continue reading

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Why bother to save? – Invest instead!

What this policy is about is getting people to invest in real assets for the best interests in society Continue reading

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