The Strop Suite – OMG!


We flew overnight to Dubai, missing the GB Entrepreneur Awards, for which Pension Play Pen had been shortlisted.

“Dubai is a shit-hole (I want to go home)”

Well that’s what I was singing on the bus as we moved from traffic jam to traffic jam through an Ersatz mix of fake this and fake that. What a dump this place is!

I wasn’t that impressed by the Movenpick hotel, which is handily placed next to an oil refinery, The Missus wasn’t much impressed to find we had no room when we arrived 7am UK time.

So she went strop ballistic and this is the result.

OMG – Strop suite!


Possible the worst view in the world

IMG_0615 IMG_0611 IMG_0610 IMG_0609 IMG_0607 IMG_0605 IMG_0601 IMG_0600




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