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Dashboards will test quality of service – and value for members.

Thanks Paul McGlone for reminding the good people of Linked-in that “dashboard denial” is futile. He ends a pithy argument with an admission that while dashboards are coming , we don’t know quite when. Of course, none of that is … Continue reading

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A way to manage pension freedom – from a land down under.

FCA and TPR. Please read below a post from an Australian actuary called Jim Hennington. It describes the regulatory requirements placed on providers of retirement income in Australia. I have only inserted links, to help readers not familiar with terms … Continue reading

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On state pension conspiracy theories.

Two and a quarter years late, this blog is an answer to Ruth Gilbert’s question. I’m not sure why it has re-emerged on my timeline, but now is a good time to get a layman’s assessment of what we can … Continue reading

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‘We’ve been here before’: IFAs round on gov’t DC illiquid assets plan

It’s not my headline (or my photo), I’ve nicked them from Citywire’s NMA and if you click the link you can read the views of a number of IFAs on the idea of having your pension pot invested in illiquid … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC provides a bit in the middle

Standard Life’s IGC has been very courteous and issued an interim report for those (like me) who read their reports every March/April. This year we will have to wait till July to read the report and I’m particularly interested in … Continue reading

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Is the public too “common” for Value For Money

  I got this mail this morning from a friend who thinks very deeply about private pensions and how we can organize them to help ourselves to better retirement (while ensuring they are invested for common good). We’ve been talking … Continue reading

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How will history remember the Pension Schemes Act 2021?

  The Pension Schemes Bill received Royal Assent last week and is now enacted. Though assent is a formality, it draws the line in the sand. “What is changing”  is now “what has changed” and the work of Guy Opperman … Continue reading

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Keeping the dashboard simple – is the DWP’s biggest challenge

    Steve Webb has urged the DWP to give pension funds a stronger steer on dashboard data. I suspect that he is worrying too much about the detail and missing the bigger picture, we really need to get on … Continue reading

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We can’t cancel Christmas when it’s in our hearts!

Saturday 19th December – the low point of the pandemic so far. Trouble had been brewing all week. You sensed that politicians (especially Boris Johnson) were in denial, but the case numbers spoke a different truth, something ugly was happening … Continue reading

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COVID-19 ; have recent Government interventions helped?

                                                                                … Continue reading

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