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Wine, lizards and the hazards of the mute button – Covid-19 actuaries Friday report

The Friday Report – Issue 21 By Nicola Oliver, Matthew Fletcher and John Roberts COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence. COVID-19 is still one of the hottest topics for scientific papers and articles. The COVID‑19 Actuaries Response … Continue reading

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#COVID-19 Actuaries on Deaths, Excess deaths and the Government’s use of statistics

  For months the COVID-19 actuaries bit their lips, knowing that COVID-19 deaths were being under reported. It was in the pubic interest for them not to challenge Government. Now there appears to be a much smaller amount of over-reporting … Continue reading

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“Financial resilience” – austerity’s twin brother

In the aftermath of the collapse of Northern Rock in 2008, many savings institutions were hit with a run on deposits from savers keen to put their cash under the mattress. Mark Scantlebury and Vincent Franklin, who were then setting … Continue reading

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Squeaky-bum-time for start-ups

Plenty of promises! Running a start-up at this moment is spooky. The Government promises support. but each new product seems to apply to someone like you – but not you! We haven’t furloughed anyone because what we do – help … Continue reading

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Should the Government be levelling with us (or not)?

Boris Johnson’s most memorable phrase, before his illness was “I want to level with you”. At that stage, telling us that people would die in British hospitals was still newsworthy. Six weeks on and telling us how many are dying … Continue reading

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Lockdown – is the cure worse than the illness? These actuaries think not.

  We have reviewed the paper “J-value assessment of how best to combat Covid-19” by Philip Thomas, Professor of Risk Management in the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol University. Summary of key aspects of the paper This paper was given … Continue reading

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Pension Bee talks, LGIM listens

The Guardian announces this morning that Pension Bee’s campaign to get access to an LGIM fund that divests from companies profiting from fossil fuels. Getting the mighty LGIM. Britain’s biggest fund manager, to respond to customer pressure is no mean … Continue reading

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Don’t blame the young for the way they save – don’t blame the old for the way they spend!

The World Economic Forum has issued a report into retirement savings that concludes that most of us will be bound to the outcomes of defined contribution savings plans rather than the beneficiaries of defined benefit pension plans Don’t blame the … Continue reading

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A consultation on who waggles the willy

Having moaned yesterday that I couldn’t find it – today I’m moaning that now I have, I shouldn’t have bothered! I don’t want to intrude into private grief but that’s what the DWP’s consultation following its publication of the DB … Continue reading

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Falling out of love with the market.

  The most startling thing about the conservative manifesto is that it advocates Government intervention as a way of improving those just about managing in Britain. This is a very different approach to that of previous Governments that relied on competition within markets. From labour markets, through energy, telecoms and pharma to financial services, the […]

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