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Age cannot wither him, nor custom stale his infinite variety!

Lovers of this blog and especially the work of Con Keating will enjoy this shot of a young Con in a family if not familiar pose! Little was published of the great man in his younger days for good reason, … Continue reading

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Are we managing our children’s financial expectations?

According to a recent RBS Survey, 59% of parents believe their children will be financially worse off than them in the future On average children believe they will earn £56,000 aged 35 – twice the average wage Only 5% of … Continue reading

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Keeping kids solvent

Vivi Friedgut is quite a woman. Still in her early thirties she has left the world of private banking where she could make easy money advising the super-rich. She has chosen to invest her private capital in educating students and those at … Continue reading

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The kids are more right

We all move at different speeds; some of us use the web like our front room and share it with others without a second thought. Some of us see the web and the social sites with fear and loathing. I listened … Continue reading

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CDC pensions could happen – if we put our minds to it.

960,000 people reach 65 in this country this year- the first of a series of baby-boom Tsunamis; we have laid out the retirement carpet for them, but the carpet’s faded and full of holes Continue reading

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