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Planning for a noble and quick death?

  The FT has been doing some research about what motivates people to swap a pension for drawdown. The sample may not have been big but they’re drawing a strange conclusion. The superiority of the death benefits within drawdown are … Continue reading

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Is NEST best?

Back-slapping all round NEST launched its third Insight into the state of the UK auto-enrolment project yesterday. This was a land grab for AE glory. At the front of the pack was Joanne Segars whose NAPF hosted the event. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Fear of feedback

Everyone knows what social media does. For every blog there are comments, every forum has its threads, some twitter conversations last for weeks. It is the interaction between author and reader that makes it distinctive. The “Letter in the Times” … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen needs your digits.

  Digital marketing is something we’re having to learn as we go along. We’ve got to find 1,000,000 employers who don’t have a workplace pension and convince them of the importance of paying some attention to what their staff invest … Continue reading

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Do I need a TV anymore?

    Other than for the prurience of watching Tina’s come uppance on Corrie. I have not engaged with terrestrial TV for some time. Phone and laptop in hand I have found all I needed on the Monaco Grand Prix, … Continue reading

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Can social media play a part in pension scheme governance?

Are the systems used to offer participating employers a say in the running of mastertrusts or contract based workplace pensions fit for today’s purpose? Continue reading

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The Facebook timeline – a teenage diary.

Facebook gives kids the space to learn who they are without the intrusion of unwanted authority. Parents, teachers, coaches and big brothers take note Continue reading

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By your clicks shall ye be known – the self-immolation of Gavin Barwell MP

Thanks to the Guardian for this… Conservative MPGavin Barwell thought he was exposing a particularly shameless piece of political moneyspinning when he clicked on a link tweeted by Labour and found a press release accompanied by an advert saying “date … Continue reading

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No win no fee – one way to clean up asset management

I met yesterday with a Swiss firm whose business is to reduce the investment costs for large investors (typically with €500m +). The model is simple, no retainer – they receive 50% of the savings from their work. They are a … Continue reading

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Opt-outs triggered by smartphones say Legal and General!

Speaking at a private conference for First Actuarial staff, Adrian Boulding said that Legal and General‘s clients were enthusiastic about their staging experience and he went on to suggest that members were much more ready to get information and transact digitally than his firm … Continue reading

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