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Paying pension credit automatically….

Spare 25mins and listen to this week’s Money Box on @BBCSounds – Council Tax £150 energy rebate and @henryhtapper talking about 1m older people missing out on Pension Credit and up to £3,000 a year plus access to gateway benefits … Continue reading

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What should you do about pensions when divorcing?

University of Manchester, Cognitive Media, ESRC Today is pensions awareness day. One area of pensions I have never covered is divorce. So it was great when my friend Debora Price dropped me a line with some good advice on what … Continue reading

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Is the UK institutionally ageist?

This week we hear that numbers in England and Wales dying in care homes is exceeding those in hospital. In March Government told these homes the risk of death in homes was “most unlikely”. How did it come to this? … Continue reading

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Planning for a noble and quick death?

  The FT has been doing some research about what motivates people to swap a pension for drawdown. The sample may not have been big but they’re drawing a strange conclusion. The superiority of the death benefits within drawdown are … Continue reading

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With dementia in mind.

Why don’t we design financial services for the elderly with dementia in mind? The needs and capabilities of those in their eighties and nineties can be quite different from those in their sixties and seventies. We would not treat a twenty … Continue reading

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“Only rich people think small amounts don’t matter”

That’s a quote from Debora Price and I’m making it a strap for whatever campaign I can cobble together to make Government Incentives happen for those who qualify for them , but can’t get them because their trustees don’t collect … Continue reading

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For 2016 – A desideratum (from my friend)

I don’t know why my friend wishes to remain anonymous. Maybe because he is too close to the action- perhaps because he knows too much. I know him to be independent of financial services providers and – as a pensioner … Continue reading

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Is Pension Wise doomed from the start?

This question was posed on the Pension Play Pen Linked in Group by Jonathan Lawlor, a distinguished actuary and someone who thinks about these matters with an independent mind. He had been reading a new paper by Debora Price “Financing … Continue reading

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Meaningless choice

“choices should only be offered where they are meaningful, timely and can be taken in the full understanding of both up and downside”.
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Sacred cows at the abattoir

In her 45 minute talk, Debora led us to an abattoir of sacred cows where we saw strung up on meat hooks our most cherished hopes. Continue reading

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