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What’s the Plan B for Pension Wise?

  The difference of opinion between the DWP and the Work and Pension Select Committee over the promotion of Pension Wise is significant both at the policy and practical level (policy does not always translate to practice). You can read … Continue reading

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If this is “pension freedom” – I’m a banana!

Bit of a shock. Looked at works pension summary today. Will have been in 6 years this coming November and only worth £100 more than total contributions #workspension #financialcrisis — Sian Cat 1960 (@LynxLair1960) April 21, 2022 People look at … Continue reading

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“Pension Wise could make us better buyers” – more conversation with Ros Altmann.

  For the second time in a week, this blog is based on a long comment on my blog from Ros Altmann. Ros is again defending Pension Wise, arguing that it is an under-rated service that needs better promotion (a … Continue reading

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A nudge to nowhere

  I feel like Peeping Tom watching Lady Godiva parade naked through the streets of Coventry. Everyone else is looking the other way , but I’m going to call out Pension Wise and ask just what the stronger nudge to … Continue reading

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The Money and Pensions Service is in a mess – and it needs to be told so.

This session of the Work and Pension Committee’s taking of oral evidence was a game of two halves. In the first half, David Fairs and Sarah Pritchard had a reasoned debate with selected MPs on how people could expect to … Continue reading

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Can we break down the barriers to our pensions?

In recent blogs I have been responding to the FCA and TPR’s joint call for input on the standarisation of a pensions consumer journey. The journey is broken down into stages – the main stages of the pensions consumer journey … Continue reading

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Is the pensions consumer “taking a journey” of just along for the ride.

For the first time in a few years, I took a weekend off blogging and spent Saturday on the river with new friends. Sunday gave me some time to think about the Pension Regulator and the FCA’s joint call for … Continue reading

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Can Pension Wise deliver a financial vaccine?

Yet another consultation (the 11th this year) arrives from the FCA, looking to nudge people of my age into the arms of Pension Wise and away from scammers. This looks sticking plaster on a wound that will continue to bleed … Continue reading

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MaPS faces up to the public as “Moneyhelper”

Introducing MoneyHelper, our new consumer brand, launching from 7 June. Get ready for MoneyHelper using our responses to frequently asked questions, and follow Money and Pensions Service channels for more resources to support you to make the change. https://t.co/tscbcOYE61 pic.twitter.com/LXMHMThqXY … Continue reading

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Don’t let this be you.

This is a submission to Government from someone who fell victim to a pension scam. The questions from Government are emboldened, otherwise I have left the statement as it was sent to me. It has been circulated with  he intent that … Continue reading

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