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Don’t let this be you.

This is a submission to Government from someone who fell victim to a pension scam. The questions from Government are emboldened, otherwise I have left the statement as it was sent to me. It has been circulated with  he intent that … Continue reading

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No demand, no supply, no advice- wonder why?

No demand? We learn today that advisers are not demanding providers rebate them portions of their client’s funds to pay for their pension related services. This is really odd; as pension funds are tax-advantaged and investors are missing out on tax-advantaged … Continue reading

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Pension Wise+Pension Dashboard=?

You’ve probably seen the splurge of advertising for Pensions Wise, as it eases towards a new brand. Odd! Someone’s got a budget to burn! In a couple of months we’ll have a new brand and a whole load more rules … Continue reading

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Stop telling people what to do! (Michelle cracks the whip)

If you don’t know Michelle, then you should. She is the living, breathing soul of TPAS, an actuary who has forgotten how to be boring and a restorer of confidence in pensions. As the photos on this blog suggest – … Continue reading

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My hour with Pension Wise (5 myths dispelled)

Pension Wise is in the news today as it is likely to form part of a new (yet to be named) single advisory organisation covering debt and pensions.  At a time of uncertainty, I can add some certainty, the Pension … Continue reading

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Good retirement outcomes depend on collective solutions

The FCA have called for evidence on the likely success of our current “at retirement” strategy, this response is consistent with what this blog has been saying for some years, collective problems need collective solutions, the market is not enough, … Continue reading

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Getting a proper pension guidance service?

What’s happened to Pension Wise? After all the secrecy and the consultations and  the big reveal – the sum impact on our nation’s financial awareness appears hard to measure, as in “hard to discern”. Looking at TPAS’ latest stats, the nation’s … Continue reading

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What about a “Retirement Income Alliance”

  Malcolm Small is what can best be called an “operator”, a “smooth operator” at that. He is very clear thinking and he presents cautious solutions to big problems in an elegant way. I’ve known him for a few years … Continue reading

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The FCA report on the use of Pension Freedoms – sad but not shocking.

The data that the FCA supplied last week about the choices people are taking with their retirement savings isn’t surprising – but it’s still shocking! Nearly nine in ten savers accessing their retirement pots under the pension freedoms are using … Continue reading

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“Not complaining, just saying” – DWP + HMT screw-ups + how to deal with ’em

Yesterday saw two issues re-emerge from Government announcements that were inaccurate and  confusing. Both show that even with their army of lawyers, the Treasury and DWP still make fundamental errors that were they to be made from the private sector … Continue reading

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