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Opperman links launch of 2017 AE reforms to wash-up of small pots

Guy Opperman clearly enjoys twitter, he has mastered the production of a twitter thread (a series of micro-blogs that can develop an argument without fear of interruption). Here is the latest, which while being overly triumphal, contains some strong messages … Continue reading

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Searching for pensions? Beware of false flags

Anything by Paul Mcglone is a top read on pensions. Paul has an understanding for big data, the power of using it right and the dangers of getting it wrong. Here is an outstanding article that explains why Chris Curry … Continue reading

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Ian McKenna’s dashboard rant gets a huge “like”

I didn’t realise I had as much in common with Ian McKenna  – nearly 5,000 linked in connections it seems! Those bonds were cemented yesterday when Ian posted this great comment on my blog on pension dashboards. Ian McKenna Winner … Continue reading

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Putting people in control of their pension data.

At least one of my providers did that to me when I asked them to send my data to @henryhtapper at @agewage. Refused to do it and would only send to me to forward on. — alan chaplin (@achaplin71) February … Continue reading

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Pension Dashboards – project fear or poject fun?

There’s been some very positive news coming out of the Pension Dashboard Program  lately The Pensions Dashboards Programme will work with: •Aviva •Bud •Moneyhub on developing standards, refining the onboarding process for dashboard providers and testing the ecosystem. Find out … Continue reading

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The Money and Pensions Service is in a mess – and it needs to be told so.

This session of the Work and Pension Committee’s taking of oral evidence was a game of two halves. In the first half, David Fairs and Sarah Pritchard had a reasoned debate with selected MPs on how people could expect to … Continue reading

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Eri-tation ; time to come clean on DC pensions.

Eritability Of all the time wasted talking about pension dashboards, the time wasted on “estimated retirement income” irks me most. It is not the sight of actuaries arguing over annuity and growth rates that irks me , it’s that the … Continue reading

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Giving workers real news about their workplace pension

This video is well worth watching, it shows Michelle Sutton , one of HR’s most charismatic communicators, explaining how she hopes the 11,000 members of the Aegon SUEZ workplace pension are going to get updated on how their savings are … Continue reading

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The pensions dashboard needs more urgency

If there is one pension policy initiative that has grabbed popular support, it is the delivery of pension dashboards. In 2018 we nearly lost the dashboard and it took till earlier this year to get legislation in place meaning we … Continue reading

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Can data help us monitor and improve pension engagement?

  I have been publishing sections of my long response to the FCA and TPR’s call for input on the pensions consumer journey. We started by looking at the pension consumer journey asking whether simplifying and standardising it made sense … Continue reading

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