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How can savers be encouraged to engage with their savings?

  This is the 4th of eight blogs considering the questions put to us by the Work and Pensions Select Committee. Today’s exam question… How can savers be encouraged to engage with their savings? Quick answer; either we can convince … Continue reading

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Putting the dashboard in room 101!

Ok it was only a bit of fun. Chris Curry of the Pension Policy Institute suggested we put the Pensions Minister in Room 101; Robert Ellison, wearing the scars of Carillion, suggested the DWP put the Pensions Regulator in Room 101 and … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s right about dashboards.

It’s good to see Ros Altmann contributing to the debate on the pension dashboard – it’s particularly good that she chose to do so on this blog. (comments). For those who don’t press links – here’s what she has to … Continue reading

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Isn’t the “dashboard” already obsolete?

If you follow pension news stories, you’ll know that the Work and Pensions Secretary has been anything but enthusiastic about her department’s commitment to produce a pension dashboard by 2019. The Government first proposed it could it help in 2016 … Continue reading

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Can “for profit” prosper? It can with a Government Pension Dashboard.

There is a strong tradition in this country of delivering services through “not for profit” organisations. Such organisations have been self-sustainable because of the endowments or trust funds that support their management. The most obvious manifestation of the not for … Continue reading

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We don’t just need a dashboard – we need a steering wheel!

Like everyone else, I think a dashboard to see my pension pots in a single place is a great idea. But building a dashboard is only a part of it. You can’t steer your car with a dashboard. 21st century … Continue reading

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Can we have our pension dashboard back?

The DWP, flush with successfully delivering auto-enrolment is now setting its sights on delivering a “pension dashboard”. The dashboard should allow every adult in the UK to see their pension rights, not just from the State, but from occupational and … Continue reading

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The Pension Dashboard – all dressed up with nowhere to go.

The number of pension providers who’ve paid to join the Government’s pension dashboard initiative has risen to 17. The initial pilot will be more complete because legacy pension providers like Phoenix have joined the hard core who offer new pensions … Continue reading

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Pension dashboards and the art of saying nothing.

  With a great deal of noise, the Government announced yesterday its intention to pilot a set of data standards with 11 pension providers; Aon Avivia B&CE LV HSBC NEST NOW Royal London Standard Life WTW Zurich The list is … Continue reading

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Double Bill; dashboard+transparency

  You wait a summer for the pension policy bus and then two come together! This morning’s the Treasury big reveal when they’ll be rolling out plans for the pension dashboard at Aviva’s Digital Garage in “trending Hoxton”. This afternoon’s the world’s … Continue reading

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