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We almost got a pensions dashboard….

It now seems unlikely that parliament will complete reading the Pensions Bill. The Bill introduces compulsion on employers to provide data to a pensions dashboard and it gives CDC the green light, at first for the Royal Mail and later … Continue reading

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How dashboardS manage “the invulnerable tide”.

  I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that the Government can no more prevent the proliferation of dashboards as Canute could have controlled the waves of the sea. A better analogy than Canute is Cuchulain, the mad Irish Warrior who died … Continue reading

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A genuine parliamentary “pensions debate” – something to be welcomed.

I have not had time to follow the parliamentary debate on the Pensions Bill but I’m grateful for Jo Cumbo’s tweets and will pick up on them. Firstly, it is good that we have a House of Lords with people … Continue reading

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Concerns about Pension Dashboard transparency (and how to calm them)

  “The Pensions Schemes Bill makes provision for Pensions Dashboards which will provide everyone with clear simple access to all of their pension information on one portal”. This quote, from Francis Goss, who is on the dashboard working group, tells … Continue reading

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Romi Savova’s current view on pension dashboards.

This blog was first published by Romi on 25th September and can be found on Pension Bee’s website here I’m happy to announce that today I will be joining The Pensions Dashboard Industry Delivery Group, giving consumers a louder voice … Continue reading

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Will the retirement you get – be the retirement you want?

This morning I’m speaking on Radio Kent about why more people are working well into their late sixties, a fact established by some report which I assume has been offered the BBC (but not me – yet!). It should come … Continue reading

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What is going on at MAPS?

I want MAPS to succeed. It needs an experienced person as its CEO who understands pensions. Here’s MAPS’ news as  Pension Age presents it. The Money and Pensions Service (Maps) chief executive officer, John Govett, has resigned eight months into … Continue reading

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Buy and Suppress the pensions dashboard

I designed, launched and sold the first – and still only – Norwegian pension dashboard some 15 yrs ago.  “norskpensjon.no” is the pension dashboard service that the Norwegian pension providers, after we gained traction with it, insisted that they should … Continue reading

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Why the pension dashboards have to be commercial

  Government pension projects rarely succeed and where they do succeed – it is because the public and private sectors find a way to work together. There are exceptions – the state pension and unfunded public sector schemes are pretty … Continue reading

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Pension dashboard stitch-up exposed!

I find myself the horns of a dilemma. I violently disagree with the ABI, Origo and at least two of the big master trusts. In particular I disagree with People’s Pension, who normally I agree with and Gregg McClymont- one … Continue reading

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