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The Money and Pensions Service is in a mess – and it needs to be told so.

This session of the Work and Pension Committee’s taking of oral evidence was a game of two halves. In the first half, David Fairs and Sarah Pritchard had a reasoned debate with selected MPs on how people could expect to … Continue reading

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Eri-tation ; time to come clean on DC pensions.

Eritability Of all the time wasted talking about pension dashboards, the time wasted on “estimated retirement income” irks me most. It is not the sight of actuaries arguing over annuity and growth rates that irks me , it’s that the … Continue reading

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Giving workers real news about their workplace pension

This video is well worth watching, it shows Michelle Sutton , one of HR’s most charismatic communicators, explaining how she hopes the 11,000 members of the Aegon SUEZ workplace pension are going to get updated on how their savings are … Continue reading

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The pensions dashboard needs more urgency

If there is one pension policy initiative that has grabbed popular support, it is the delivery of pension dashboards. In 2018 we nearly lost the dashboard and it took till earlier this year to get legislation in place meaning we … Continue reading

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Can data help us monitor and improve pension engagement?

  I have been publishing sections of my long response to the FCA and TPR’s call for input on the pensions consumer journey. We started by looking at the pension consumer journey asking whether simplifying and standardising it made sense … Continue reading

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Keeping the dashboard simple – is the DWP’s biggest challenge

    Steve Webb has urged the DWP to give pension funds a stronger steer on dashboard data. I suspect that he is worrying too much about the detail and missing the bigger picture, we really need to get on … Continue reading

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A breakthrough in measuring the quality of DC scheme data.

  One of the critical issues facing Government in establishing a pensions dashboard is “data readiness”. Currently it is in a relatively weak position to argue that schemes are or aren’t dashboard ready, since it has no way either to … Continue reading

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Pensions are stranded off-line; this must change!

Alistair “@HelloMcQueen “McQueen has the knack of finding insights where others fail to look. Here he is showing us how our behavior has changed radically as a result of a little spikey ball that none but scientists has seen and … Continue reading

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Which comes first – the dashboard or the data?

I’m doing a call this morning with some pension strategy people , some from Fintech and some representing “old tech”. It’s a timely discussion as the Scottish National Party  limbers up to put a spoke in the wheels of an … Continue reading

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“Let my data go” – our plea to parliament

Submission to the Committee scrutinising the Pension Schemes Bill   1, This submission from Henry Tapper in his capacity as CEO of AgeWage and Chairperson of the Pension PlayPen. These private companies are digital resources for individuals and employers to … Continue reading

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