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The very unsensible policy agenda handed to TPR – POD 28.

The best thing I can say about this week’s VFM p0dcast is that it entirely sensible. Louise Davey, who is its star, turned down an ambition to take a degree for a more exciting opportunity in pension administration and her … Continue reading

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Courage in your conviction – Ian McQuade on VFM

Ian is a rock – he is a touchstone for the pensions industry, if you want to know what it is thinking ask what he is thinking. This is what Nico and Darren do in their 24th podcast on VFM. … Continue reading

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A pension’s for life…Simon Kew on VFM

Simon Kew appeared on this week’s VFM Podcast which coincided with him starting a new job as head of market engagement at Broadstone and with me bumping into him at an industry event. Simon has been the stalwart of the … Continue reading

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People will pay for things they understand and value.

Thanks to over 1000 people who took time out of their bank holiday Sunday to read my blogs firstly ripping into Nico and Darren’s latest podcast and subsequently apologising for the two footed tackle. You’ll excuse me for going back … Continue reading

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Jenny Segal – speaking with images.

Either I’m going soft or I’m getting lucky. I’ve listened to two very good podcasts in the past 24 hours and am spending Saturday morning writing them up. The first was the conversation between Moshe Milevsky and Steffan Lundbergh which … Continue reading

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Consultants and VFM – Nico and Darren’s podcast #9

I spent my lunchtime yesterday wondering up to the Regents Canal in Islington listening to Nico, Darren and Sophia Singleton talking about VFM from DC pensions. Well that’s not exactly true, more of the conversation was about DB plans (and … Continue reading

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Pension Scamming – Justin Cash and I talk frankly

  I’m found here talking to Money Marketing’s Justin Cash about pension scamming and financial resilience. It was a good day to speak as we’d just launched our anti-scam game http://www.scam-man.com. Doing a podcast by Zoom (I think it was … Continue reading

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