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Explore the options for your DB scheme on December 13th.

Endgame, Middlegame or Long Game? I’m interested in the way defined benefit schemes are moving towards self-sufficiency, partly because we need to secure defined benefits for people who have earned a pension from their company and partly because we need  … Continue reading

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How Finance and Reward Directors can improve pension efficiency.

Many companies are paying pension costs which are avoidable.  By avoiding paying excess costs they could pay higher contributions to workplace pensions. This blogs calls for higher pension contributions and lower pension costs It is quite common for employers to … Continue reading

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We can’t risk hybrid DC schemes risk being left behind

  The case for including DB/ DC hybrids in value for member assessments. There are 5.5m savers with DC benefits within DB schemes and this number doesn’t include AVCs. Of these 1.2m are actively saving and most will be as … Continue reading

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ClearGlass’ offer to small DB schemes… use it now!

I am really pleased to see Clear Glass offering help to small DB schemes at a cost any scheme can afford! For a time , I worked with small DB schemes and recognize that every penny counts in meeting their … Continue reading

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The cost of prudence – a cautionary tale from the pen of Con Keating

The problem with adding ‘prudence’ to a discount rate is that it does nothing for the uncertainty of the ultimate benefits, but it raises costs in the meantime in a manner which simply cannot be justified. In the case we … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s defence of pension consultants (contested).

I wouldn’t say my “postbag was full” , but my recent blog on the damage inflicted by pension consultants on the UK pension framework has raised a few heckles on social media. Having worked in pension consultancies for nearly twenty … Continue reading

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A Minister Drinking the Regulator’s Kool-Aid – No Consolation

An article by Con Keating The  preamble to a recent article in Professional Pensions by the Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman, read: ” In the fourth of a five-part series of articles for PP, pensions minister Guy Opperman sets out how … Continue reading

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BONFIRE. Keating and Clacher conclude their articles on the DB funding code

We began this series of blogs and articles with a call for a bonfire of regulation; at the very least we should start with this proposed Funding Code. Continue reading

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The mess we’re in (pt.1) and how we got here.

Iain  Clacher and Con Keating Since their heyday in the 1990s, UK occupational DB schemes have been winding up at a rate of about one every two days. Their replacement, DC schemes, are a poor substitute; they are tax-advantaged savings … Continue reading

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The FCA can’t blame the DB transfer debacle on pension freedoms.

  Nikhil Rathi, the FCA’s CEO elect is only partly right in linking the upswing in transfers away for DB schemes to the precipitous introduction of pension freedoms. It is very important that the FCA properly understand the cocktail of … Continue reading

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