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Should DC trustees be worried by the gilt-crash?

Reading Jonathan Stapleton’s measured reporting on the funds used by DC investors in the “pre-retirement phase” I was drawn to some research from Professional Pensions The scale of the issue Well-diversified master trust default funds tended to fare better than … Continue reading

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Why pension tax-relief has remained a rich man’s perk

Back in 2015, when reform of the pension tax relief system was under a consultation “Strengthening the incentive to save: consultation on pensions tax relief – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)” the Government requested Ipsos Mori to research how much the general population … Continue reading

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Is TPR setting too high a bar for CDC?

If you’re thinking of running a CDC scheme, make sure you have deep pockets. The application price alone is an eye-watering £77,000. This compares with £23,000 to apply for master trust authorisation. No one will make an application without being  … Continue reading

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How Finance and Reward Directors can improve pension efficiency.

Many companies are paying pension costs which are avoidable.  By avoiding paying excess costs they could pay higher contributions to workplace pensions. This blogs calls for higher pension contributions and lower pension costs It is quite common for employers to … Continue reading

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“yes, no, maybe” ; XPS analysis exposes limits of signposting.

  Our first annual survey of DC retirement outcomes reveals that pension schemes that offer retirees a full suite of options on how to access their funds secure the best outcomes for their members.   -XPS This conclusion is reached by … Continue reading

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“It’s all about the framing” – Stefan Lundbergh on ‘de-risking’ our pension pots

This article was first published on linked in It’s well worth following Stefan and indeed linking in to him as he has a range of good articles on that platform. A new one is coming on pension choice – always … Continue reading

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DC savers left in “backwaters fouled with complexity” – clean up hybrids now!

In my recent blog ” We can;t risk hybrid DC schemes being left behind.  I argued that many member’s benefits are being left in a backwater fouled by complexity. The DWP have chosen to treat small DC schemes that sit … Continue reading

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We can’t risk hybrid DC schemes risk being left behind

  The case for including DB/ DC hybrids in value for member assessments. There are 5.5m savers with DC benefits within DB schemes and this number doesn’t include AVCs. Of these 1.2m are actively saving and most will be as … Continue reading

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How DC consolidation can benefit DC members

  Like Climate Change, Pension Consolidation isn’t something theoretical, it’s happening and at a great pace. I remember when DB transfers were at their peak (2018) people talking about what was to come. It had come and before the regulators … Continue reading

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“The new bargain” – in conversation with Ros Altmann

This blog is in response to Ros Altmann’s comments on Mark Fawcett’s “new bargain”. It is good that this discussion is happening, though my thoughts are amateur and are driven by opinion rather than a deep understanding of private markets. … Continue reading

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